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lavendar420 2011-11-22 8:12am

Knight Bullet Burner on oxy con?
Hey, is anybody running a Bullet Burner off oxy cons? How's that working?

Thanks, Andi

Conrad Hoffman 2011-11-24 1:23pm

Not a clue, but the lack of response suggests most users are using tanks, as I do. I'm sure the center section would be fine on the right concentrator(s), but the outer section can be cranked up pretty good so might be a problem. I'd try asking the various people that sell them, ABR for example.

Lynn Burgess 2011-12-03 1:29am

I ran my Bullet Burner off of 1 M-20 and 1 Integra 10. It worked well.

lavendar420 2011-12-16 9:27am


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