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HotglassBurns 2021-10-22 7:32am

58th Annual Havre de Grace Arts Show in Maryland (right off I-95)
Hi folks! Havre de Grace Maryland is hosting its 58th Annual Arts show THIS WEEKEND, Saturday & Sunday, 23 & 24 from 10 am till 5 pm daily. (Pic from last year!)

This is a very nice show(no junk!) situated in the quaint and picturesqueo town of Havre de Grace Maryland. Havre de Grace itself sits at the confluence of the Susquehanna River and our wonderful Chesapeake Bay. There are lots of cool old shops & scenery including a lighthouse & boardwalk. And don’t forget to stock up on handmade(and scrumptious) chocolates, ice cream and our famous crab cakes!!!

Show is free!

There will be vendors of all types of food and art, see flyer on their website, link is here ==>

My estranged wife Linda Burns, specializing in fused glass jewelry and selling my older & a few new lampworked jewelry items/beads; and a buddy specializing in whimsical welded repurposed “items”, Lawrence Weisgal, are vending together under tent banner HotGlassBurns. Stop by and say Hi! You COULD even MAKE THEIR DAY with a sale!!!! For your convenience and amazement they will be be trading beautiful handmade glass & whimsical welded items for “special paper or plastic”‼️

Sending you all LOVE! It is Going to be a fabulous weekend! Get out there and Enjoy it!!!

Remember……EVIL is LIVE spelled backwards!!
(AND…the definition of such a word is called a semordnilap, look it up & treat your brain to something NEW!! Semordnilap itself is a palindrome! WTF? :wtf:


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