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James Lewis 2012-04-16 5:51pm

Pipe tutorials
To help knew people i thought would be a good idea to have a thread all about pipes i dont have any videos myself but thought it would be a good idea to have everyone post their tuts for searching ease since pipes can teach you so much about working with boro please posts tuts keep comments to a minimum pleasei

todda 2012-04-16 9:07pm

Bunyip 2012-04-17 4:27am


Originally Posted by todda (Post 3967567)


Feel free to post pics of your work however.

James Lewis 2012-04-17 7:35am

I didnt see any posts when i went to the link

Role 2012-04-17 10:49am


Originally Posted by James Lewis (Post 3967767)
I didnt see any posts when i went to the link


You have to register.

Cosmo 2012-04-17 10:54am

There is also a tutorial section on GLDG that has some basic spoon tutorials.

Although I would have no problem at all discussing pipes on this board, there aren't a lot of pipe-makers that visit here, so you probably won't see a lot of pipe discussion.

Icarus 2012-04-17 11:15am

Come join us over at Talkglass. We don't bite, though there is plenty of licking and nibbling going on.

Bunyip 2012-04-17 11:42am

Yeah, the crew over at talkglass leans heavily toward pipes (and the occasional marble), just like the crowd over here leans toward beads and pendants and such. Some of us dabble in everything - which is cool too.

James Lewis 2012-04-17 11:53am

I figured that part out lol. I would like to talk pipes and hollow work though. I would show some of ny work but the upload wont let me get them on here check out my profile if you want to see some of the pieces ive made

Dragonharper 2012-04-17 12:32pm


Originally Posted by Icarus (Post 3967985)
Come join us over at Talkglass. We don't bite, though there is plenty of licking and nibbling going on.

Just don't hang raw meat around your neck. :lol:

James Lewis 2012-04-17 2:31pm

Ya i noticed that lol does anyone have any pics they would be willing to post up?

Jngljnke 2012-04-17 4:32pm

Disco Sparkle and combo fuming over cobalt tubing.

Some production spoons.

James Lewis 2012-04-17 4:47pm

Those are sick

RedToroBoro 2012-04-17 4:48pm

go to you tube and watch tuts on vid

Jngljnke 2012-04-17 4:55pm

Thanks James. If you're ever in the Houston area hit me up.

Bunyip 2012-04-17 5:06pm

I like the green one with the plunged dots, Gary. Very nice design.

Bunyip 2012-04-17 5:09pm

James, check out this thread. You should be able to get your pictures uploaded with one of the tools Chrisann and I posted

James Lewis 2012-04-17 5:09pm

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Here is some of my work so far

Hangs Well 2012-04-17 5:54pm

4 Attachment(s)
Here are a few.

Jngljnke 2012-04-17 6:54pm

Thanks Chris. I'm becoming a big fan of what you can do with with fuming and cobalt.

James, not bad to be self taught. How often do you get on the torch?

Dave, that pendant is killer. Nice job on all of it, but I love that pendant

James Lewis 2012-04-17 7:56pm

Thanks i dont have hot grabbers so i hold the pieces with tweezers while im making the mouth piece.

I second that though the pendant is awesome.

I do wish though i had the money for lessons.

Hangs Well 2012-04-17 8:31pm

Thanks. I made the pendent to wear to last years DFO.
James, I have learned more hanging out with local pipe makers in their garages or studios. Most are very open to help you learn and most are quite good at other work also. Take a look at Burtoni, Dwreck, Shackman and Vertigo to name a few. Great glass art background which you can see in their work and great people to spend time with.

James Lewis 2012-04-17 8:41pm

I live in kansas and the only people around want me to pay around 300the per 8 hour lesson

Hangs Well 2012-04-17 9:56pm

Have you checked out the University of Kansas?

queenofswords 2012-04-17 10:39pm

My pipes crack a lot. Then I go in the local shops and they have so many for so cheap it is hardly worth my time to do.

James Lewis 2012-04-18 7:27am

Their probably commercial pipes mainly

James Lewis 2012-04-18 7:28am

Ive gone to Lawrence and everyone charges

Hangs Well 2012-04-18 7:41am


Originally Posted by queenofswords (Post 3968654)
My pipes crack a lot. Then I go in the local shops and they have so many for so cheap it is hardly worth my time to do.

Wrong pipe shop! Illuzions, Denver, CO.

Jngljnke 2012-04-18 7:52am

I've been laughed at by many, many shop owners that only want to sell cheap Chinese crap. Oddly, they usually ask me what I sell my crack and meth pipes for, then I just walk out. Probably twenty to one shop that buys from me. I find that shops that have the headier pieces are more likely to have a "local" section. They are usually more respectful to artists also. Luckily I live in a large city with thousands of shops.

James, find out if for that $300 you can come back for clarification on any issues you encounter with the techniques they teach you. If so get that $300. You produce a product that has an established market. Get out there an hustle. I started out setting up tables at bars and what not early on. Anywhere that heads hung out. Most turned me away, but it was worth it when it happened. My pipes were wonkier than yours at that point, so I know you can make some money. I paid my mentor, and it was well worth it. No tutorial will ever improve your technique like working with another artist will, especially if they are more advanced. Time to show us your war face son.

Queen, at what stage do your pieces crack? Are you garaging between steps? If so, what temp? I'd love to see some of your pipes.

James Lewis 2012-04-18 8:03am

Good point ive been trying to build the courage up to go to a new head shop that opened up in a town not to far away or problem kansas is a meth capital to and thats not art thats death. I think on my next day off ill go there and let my bowels hang out on a stick.

Queen what colors are you using? Ive read that some can have some problems playing with others.

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