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Glasswytch 2016-03-20 3:15pm

Extreme Oxygen Hurray!!!
I really have to give a big shout out and thank you to Extreme Oxygen. Paul put in an appearance at the Miami Valley Lampwork Bead Artists retreat yesterday in Dayton, Oh and was he a hit.
He showed up and did some free testing of our concentrators and then explained what the results meant. He had some special pricing on filters and such but never made a sales pitch.
Paul also did a concentrator Q&A that gave a world of knowledge. We learned a LOT about the care and grooming of our vital equipment.

We were all pleasantly surprised at how generous Paul was with his knowledge and tips on making our machines run longer and better(even though he has been sick all week and it kind of showed:) He was a great addition to the one day retreat.

Marti MarZ 2016-03-21 2:29pm

Paul was awesome!!! Thank you for all your help and info about our important Concentrators!!! He was a great bonus to our retreat!
Paul upgraded my concentrator from a 10 to a 20 - Can't wait till I get a chance to hook it up and Melt away!!! Zoom Zoom!!! I feel like I have a Race Car now!
Extreme Oxygen (
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zen-mom 2016-03-21 3:17pm


Glasswytch 2016-03-21 8:03pm

Interesting in what way

judydoell 2016-03-22 5:03am

I bought my first concentrator from them years ago. It's still chugging along great. Paul has been a great wealth of knowledge and a big help with any issues. I certainly would highly recommend EO!

EXTREME OXYGEN 2016-12-16 5:01pm

Thanks guys.
Extreme oxygen

To view links or images in this forum your post count must be 1 or greater. You currently have 0 posts. 2022-06-21 3:36pm

Extreme or MorOxy
I canít seem to reach Paul or his brother. Their websites wonít come up.
I really need to reach either of them.

KJohn 2022-06-21 4:13pm

Try David Ridgeway at

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