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R4GlassStudio 2019-11-05 8:24am

Call for entry, Gourmet America Magazine
Hi Guys!
I know it is not glass related, but I thought I would throw this out there to all my old friends.
Looking for recipes for the Home Cooking section.

email me with questions and ideas at

Free Preview of the Nov/Dec issue is this link.

Download/printable version/subscription link here

Feel free to forward the links!

Eileen 2019-11-05 9:12am

I don't have recipes, not my strong suit, but I bet it will have some good ones when published!

R4GlassStudio 2019-11-06 8:37am

Hi Eileen!

dragonart glass 2019-11-06 9:21am

How cool. Thanks Ron!

R4GlassStudio 2019-11-09 6:24pm

Hi Polly,
Dm me if you want to provide something. It can be simple, such as a great picture of a finished dish. Then some instructions on the recipe.

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