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Justin L 2018-06-21 7:21pm

Oxygen Concentrator Bulk Buy
Hey guys and gals!

It's been a loooong while, but we figured it was about time for a bulk buy on an Oxygen Concentrator! We dug deep, and came up with the best deal possible! So, here it is!

Respironics EverFlo!

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  • Model 1020000
  • ONLY 31 pounds!
  • ONLY 45 dB!
  • ONLY $300!!
  • 5LPM & 5PSI Perfect for a Minor torch!
  • FREE replacement filter!

So, we have decided to have a normal, low sale price on the EverFlo just for LE members. If you see our ad on the side of this forum, you click it, and it will bring you to one of our websites. It will have the low price of $320 per unit, or $304ea if you buy 2 at the same time. But for this sale, we are going all the way down to $300 delivered! The catch is this: we need to sell at least 15 machines in this sale for this price. As many machines as you buy, will fill the same number of slots in this sale. The sale is not capped at only 15 machines. We will sell as many as you want! If you buy 2 units, we will include a free Y-connector to hook them into one!

Where else will you get 10LPM of reliable Oxygen for only $600 delivered to your door?

Pre-payment via PayPal is required to hold your spot. If you place an order and want to cancel (BEFORE IT HAS SHIPPED) that is fine, we will refund your money and open your spot for someone else.

Once the bulk buy has been filled, orders should ship within 3 business days!

We are including a 6 month warranty, too! We don't take returns, but if there is an issue we will do everything possible to make it right :)

Do you have questions, or think something is wrong? PM or call me! I give free setup support. As far as the warranty goes, if there is a problem in the first 30 days, we will exchange the unit at no cost to you. Between month 2 and 6 if something happens, you pay to ship it to us, and we will pay the return shipping!

These units are designed to run 24-7, so after they are reconditioned by us, they should not have any troubles. Sometimes issues may pop up, but we squash the problems as quick as we can!

I am starting this buy NOW 6-21-18 to let it run while we are closed for vacation. We will return on 7-2-18. If the bulk buy is satisfied by then, we will begin shipping asap!

Paypal is preferred. You can send your payment to
To view links or images in this forum your post count must be 1 or greater. You currently have 0 posts.
for $300 (per machine) to secure your spot. Please please please include your forum name as well so I can add it to the list.

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