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Angie09 2014-07-12 8:00am

Attn: 96 coe glass peeps
I love silvered ivory stringer (sis) with my 104 glass but am at a loss as to how to get a similar affect using 96. What do you use as a accent stringer??


echeveria 2014-07-12 9:00am

Hopefully that is a link. It's what we all want!

Lisi 2014-07-13 6:33am

What do I use? I don't! lol!

I don't think 96 will ever have such a reaction because they don't make any colors similar to the properties that Effetre ivory has. Not that I know of.

shawnette 2014-07-16 5:53am

Zimmerman's Z86 is reactive, but no longer produced.

Lisi 2014-07-16 7:20am

I think whatever it is the Italian glassmakers use to make their glass dense and opaque (titanium??) is what the companies that make 96COE don't use enough of. Just a guess. I'm not a glass color chemist. :)

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