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Megan 2009-02-17 7:29pm

Perfect Fire Digital Kiln Control Relay
So typical.. going to get a new used kiln tomorrow and my current kiln controller relay went out today.. Anyone know where I can purchase the relay and exactly what part I am looking for. I have never had to replace one, am clueless. I know arrow springs carries the model but I wanted to look around tonight and try to figure out prices first...

Jenn L'Rhe 2009-02-17 7:51pm

I ordered mine for my Jenn-Ken thru Carlton Bates. I'd give you the website but it's in the favs on my dead computer. Google them. Others have also said Granger's carries them. They are not specific to kilns and are for alot of machinery controllers. Taking it apart usually only requires a screw driver and then you will have an item number you can google. They are CHEAP. I bought three so that cost would be greater than shipping...I hate it when it's the other way around!!


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