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KDDglass 2016-12-20 7:14am

Paul Stankard and Lucio Bubacco, The Poetry of Nature, June 12th-16th
Salem Community College Summer Workshop Series 2017!
Registration is now open! Course descriptions and registration information can be found at!

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Salem Summer Workshop Series 2017
May 15th-19th
-Chris Ahalt, flameworking

May 22nd- May 26th
-Kim Thomas, flameworking, The Possibilities are Endless!!!
-Alexander Rosenberg, blowing, Advancing the Notion of 'Advancedí
-Wes Valdez, kiln casting, Kiln Kinesiology 101: Kinetic Casting

June 12th- 16th
-Paul Stankard and Lucio Bubacco, flameworking, The Poetry of Nature: Flowers and Figures
-Morgan Gilbreath and Ryan Tanner, kiln/cold/flame, Departing From Tradition: Experimental Glass

June 19th- 23rd
-Dennis Briening, flameworking, Scientific Flameworking for the Artist
-Grant Gramezy, hot sculpting, Sparking Life into Glass

June 26th-30th
-Dennis Briening, flameworking, Lathe Intensive

If you have any questions email Kristin Deady at, or call 856-351-2234.

dragonart glass 2016-12-20 10:13am

I so wish I lived closer!! Some of those workshops look amazing! Thanks for posting.

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