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Lampwork lessons,Hot Glass: Portland,Or
Good afternoon all,
With Covid and vaccinations semi opening things up, I was curious if anyone was doing any classes. Or minds if I come and chat and watch and learn.

I currently have a full setup in my basement but I am stalled with learning. i would still consider myself a beginner with Knowledge and time on torch.

I can make simple marbles with not so good flower implosions. It appears I can not load any of the photos of my current marbles or I would to show where I am at.
I would love to learn some techniques and understanding if anyone is willing to teach. I have interest in Marbles craft and figurines but more on teh marble side of the torch.

thank you for taking the time in reading !

Jeri 2021-08-19 2:37pm

Hi - I offer one on one lessons through FB streaming or zoom. Let me know if I can be of any help. Jeri

Trollin_fa_juice 2022-03-06 10:35am

Hey let me know how much those lessons are thanks

Jeri 2022-03-06 10:42am

I would be happy to give you prices and class descriptions. Please email me at
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for detailed info.

djeraldina 2022-05-17 2:24am


Originally Posted by Trollin_fa_juice (Post 5127025)
Hey let me know how much those lessons are thanks

I also want

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