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Abacus Beads 2017-04-25 7:03am

Question on settings
I have a Nortel midrange + torch, a 10 lpm concentrator and tanked propane.
What settings on the oxycon and propane should I set for working boro?

Liz R

Shaper 2017-04-25 10:53am

Try 4-5 pounds propane and 8-10 ponds oxy.

Abacus Beads 2017-04-25 5:37pm

Thanks. I think that was what I had it set for today when I tried to make a few boro beads.

Liz R

artwhim 2017-04-29 9:27am

Liz, you usually work soft glass, right? When working boro, tuck it in close to the torch. You need to sink in a lot of heat. If you work it like soft, it will take forever.

KJohn 2017-04-29 10:55am

Good tip! I added another oxy to my setup and wondered why it was still taking a while. I work further up in the flame out of habit. I will try it closer next time.

Crazy Woman 2017-04-30 3:22pm

You don't need to turn like mad when working boro. It moves and heats much slower. Slow down and enjoy the dance.

fourpawsglass 2017-05-02 6:37am

I would recommend also using a larger size mandrel. Because of the heat required, you WILL burn thru a thin one. Double dip too - or use a bead release that can hold up. I use Fusion Bead Release.

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