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zen-mom 2007-11-26 2:33pm

So Cal - Stephanie Sersich - Spiny Knotted Bracelet Workshop, May 11
Stephanie Sersich - Spiny Knotted Bracelet Workshop

May 11, 2008 (Sunday) 1pm - 5pm $100
Kit fee payable to instructor $40 extra

In the workshop, we’ll use floss and waxed linen to bind beads and other treasures into a bracelet. You’ll also learn how to apply the technique to make a necklace. The materials and methods provide an opportunity for self-expression—there is no pattern to follow, the beads can vary in size, color and shape. Each student in the class creates a bracelet different from the others’. The unusual materials and larger bead sizes (a nice change from the intricate “seed bead” work) seem to level the playing field for beginners and long-time beaders. Most students will complete the bracelet in class.

Special Book Signing event with Stephanie before the workshop 10am - noon, May 11, 2008. Everyone is free to attend... meet Stephanie, have some food & drink. Stephanie's new book will available at The Mandrel in mid February 2008.

For more info please contact Donna at The Mandrel

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zen-mom 2008-02-08 10:06pm


frogee 2008-02-08 10:59pm

Stephanie's new book is great! Its a must have, i love it! so much great info in the beginning. And beautiful pictures. Everyone will want it!

zen-mom 2008-03-24 12:53pm

Bump! I can fit a couple more people in this class :)

NW-Teri 2008-03-24 6:51pm

Another great class and opportunity to learn a lot of information - the bracelet is to die for. Stephanie is a great instructor.

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