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glassmaker 2019-07-11 6:07am

Round earring findings?
I need some help on earring mounts. I have a box of dichro disks that are just a hair larger diameter than a quarter and twice the thickness. Unfortunately, I have no idea about the COE of the glass, but suspect it is something odd, like between standard 33 COE boro and soft glass. So I figure the easy way to use them would be to do a wrap around the outside with a loop on top so they can be made into earrings. I strongly suspect that something like this is available pre-made from Rio Grande or wherever, but donít know what to call it to do a search. ("Dammit Jim. Iím a glassmaker, not a jeweler.Ē)

And help would be appreciated. Thanks.

echeveria 2019-07-11 6:43am

Mountings. Are they a consistent size?

glassmaker 2019-07-11 8:12am


Originally Posted by echeveria (Post 5042677)
Mountings. Are they a consistent size?

Thanks for the info. I'll try and hunt them down.

The discs are all the same diameter and thickness, very close to the size of a quarter. My understanding (such as it is) is that these were slated to be laser windows but were out of spec.

Three Muses Glass 2019-07-11 4:17pm

Try a search for coin bezels too. But, imo (worth what you paid for it), they sound a bit heavy already, adding metal might make them too much for earrings. Maybe try drilling some holes with a diamond bit and adding a jump ring? The bezels might make pretty cool pendants though.

Chocake 2019-07-11 8:27pm

What about putting glue on bails on them?

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