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Croft Eeusk 2020-04-18 4:52pm

Photo box
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From American Science & Surplus catalog online, a photo box w/LED light strips. Sturdier than the one I've done - do-it-yourself from a cut out box & paper - for sure. And w/the built in lights, much better than the clamp lights I used, too.

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Chocake 2020-04-21 7:21am

I have one. Be careful of the snaps - one of mine broke off and I must resort to using a paper clip in it's place. It is a flimsy solution at best, but still a much better option than the carboard box and tissue...

Frit Diva 2020-04-24 11:52am

I got one very similar ~ the sides would not stay upright even when snapped, but I solved it by attaching a flat ruler and a big binder clip to the outside of each vertical side. Works great now!

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