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cheeky monkey 2010-11-14 4:01pm

use oxy fittings for propane?
My quick connect and flashback arrestor for my gas are finally kinda dented. I have an oxy set up that is extra and I have barely used it. Can I use that as a replacement? Are they virtually the same (except one is green and the other red) <OR> can I buy JUST the fittings for the gas?

cheeky monkey 2010-11-14 4:26pm

Never mind.......... i answered my own question!!! Wish you didnt have to buy them in pairs ....:roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:

Mr. Meker 2010-11-14 5:16pm

The fittings are the same, they just have right and left hand threads.

You can buy just oxy or just propane, I just can't remember from who.

cheng076 2010-11-14 7:11pm

I usually have to order mine when I buy just one side, oxy or Acet, and I get them from AirGas.
It is not a good idea to swap one for the other as inattention later might cause big problems.

cheeky monkey 2010-11-15 5:42am

Airgas is right down the street from where i work - Thanks!!! Thats what I want - to just buy the one that I need :)

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