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Handyann 2019-05-03 8:00am

Tidy daisies
Hi all
Could some kind soul answer this, probably very silly, question please?
I've not been lampworking long, so that's my excuse! :p

I'd love to make pretty daisies like the one in the picture, but I don't know how to get the petals to that nice, neat shape. I can do a circle of dots with a dot in the middle, but it just looks like a circle of dots with...

How can I get that delicate pear-shape to the petals please?
This lovely daisy was made by Laura Sparling. I hope she won't mind me borrowing it just to illustrate my question.

Robin Passovoy 2019-05-03 8:50am

Simple. Once you've laid down your ring of dots, you spot-heat the center of the circle. The dots will flow together to form the shape that you want naturally. Let it cool a little, and then you can lay down that central yellow dot. Glass wants to move to where the heat is the greatest.

Handyann 2019-05-03 9:41am

Well, now I do feel silly! I thought there must be some dexterous trick of dragging the dots or something (tried that, made a mess!) I didn't realise it was just heat.

Thank you so much for your help Robin!!

rainygrrl 2019-05-03 11:39am

If you have a tungsten pick, you can also poke in the center to help coax things along. No need to feel silly. This is the place for questions!!

Handyann 2019-05-04 1:31am

Thanks so much for your reply rainygrrl. That's a useful tip and I don't feel quite so daft now!! :-D

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