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naom-s 2010-06-25 5:44am

Best mandrels in the world
Hi friends,
I really want you to try this mandrels:
They are fantastic.( Not mine)
You can work with them for years.


Elizabeth Beads 2010-06-25 7:04am

I wish they were the 3/32 size instead of 5/64. I'd buy some in a heartbeat.

naom-s 2010-06-25 11:38am

Did you try to contact her?

Alaska 2010-06-25 4:14pm

So why are they better than the standard stainless steel types?

naom-s 2010-06-25 10:13pm

You clean the bead release like a butter.
You remove the bead smoothly and quick.
Does not get heated.
It's stay as it is foever, not getting softer.
It's heard and stays streight.
very comfortable to work with.


midniteburner 2010-06-25 11:49pm

Well, I don't see why they are any better than the ones we use. I mean stainless steel is stainless steel. You can do 308 or 316. And of course 5/64 isn't going to bend and stay straight, it's thick. The smaller in diameter you go, the more likely it's going to bend within time. After all, we do abuse our mandrels.

I am still using the 1/8 mandrels I bought 10 years ago.

She does make lovely beads though.


LyndaJ 2010-06-26 11:14am

I think there's a high temp welding rod, was it 321 instead of 316? They were harder and did not soften as much with repeated use.

I plan to try it the next time I need to replace mandrels.

321 stainless steel is most similar to 304 stainless steel, however it contains the addition of Titanium making it an excellent choice for prolonged high temperature applications. The addition of Titanium stabilizes this grade of stainless steel against the formation of Chromium Carbide in heat ranges between 800 to 1500 degrees Fahrenheit.
Common Applications

* Aircraft exhaust stacks
* Manifolds
* Chemical processing equipment
* Welded equipment
* Jet engine parts

naom-s 2010-06-27 6:35am

Thanks Lynda.
Sara, trust me and try.

truegem 2010-06-28 4:17am

I didn't see any mandrels when I clicked on the link.

Abacus Beads 2010-06-28 7:22am

I didn't see any mandrels listed, Did I miss something
Liz R

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