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brimmy 2006-01-02 1:06pm

LE Tutorial Index - Updated April 15, 2006
Update: If anyone wants to help me update this Tutorial Index, please see my post on page 2 for details...

Welcome to the LE Tutorial Index.

This thread has been created because like myself, I am sure that many others get frustrated trying to find particular tutorials in the maze of requests. Please feel free to offer up comments and suggestions as well as recommend any threads that I may have missed. Some tutorials are answers to a request or listed as links within the thread. If there are any broken links within threads or threads no longer exist, please let me know so I can remove them from this list.

Note: Only free tutorials posted by the creator have been included in this index. Any threads with broken external links to the tutorials have been removed.

Post 1: Introduction
Post 2: Alphabetical Index by Subject
Post 3: Alphabetical Index by Author
Post 4: Discussions, Suggestions and Requests that were Answered

Last Updated: June 19th, 2010

brimmy 2006-01-02 1:07pm

Basic Encased Bead ~ beadsbylaura External Link
Beads of Courage Butterflies ~ Lara
The Blue Bead ~ sarakay
Brass Frit Tutorial ~ Mustang Dawn

Copper Etching with Salt ~ Beadbug
Cremains in a Bead ~ theglasszone

Doll Eye Tutorial ~ ArtbyJaneWalker External Link
Dragon Scale Beads ~ *Naos*

Easy Bead Box ~ Beadbug

Flat Fish ~ Ruth Nichols External Link

Goddess Bead Tutorial ~ Jacinthe
Gravity Swirls Tutorial ~ Lisi External Link

How to Achieve the Different Looks with my Handmade Murrini ~ smiltroy
Hydrangea Beads ~ j2canoe

Jewel Stones Beads ~ Lisi
Jewellery (Fibula) Pin ~ MoltenMuse External Link

Lily Tutorial ~ mobbsy External Link

Making Silk Strings ~ Beadbug
Mandrel Wound Implosion Bead ~ Moth
Manufacture your Luck! ~ Bakerman44 Photos only, external link
Mountain Focal ~ Ruth Nichols External Link
Mr. Smiley's Heart Tutorial ~ Mr. Smiley
Multi-Layered Rose Petals Tutorial (Hothead) ~ Fine Folly Glassworks
Murrini Tut Tease ~ Hagstrom Art Glass Photos only

Piping Tanked Propane Into Studio ~ theglasszone
Precision 104 Technical Tips ~ emoon

Ring Cigar Box Display ~ Torched Art
Rivet Tutorial ~ Andrew
Rose Murrini Tutorial ~ chrisann

Secrets of Raku Revealed ~ Dawn >^..^<
Setting CZs ~ Lisa A External Link
Shawn's Tips and Tricks ~ Shawn T
Simple Pig Bead for Beads of Courage ~ Marcy External Link
Small Off Mandrel Leaves ~ Bobby
Snake Skin Beads ~ hellowmoonglow
Snow Drops ~ Ruth Nichols External Link
Spiral Murrini ~ nklt0 External Link

Taramag's No Fail Stripes Bead ~ Bubbyanne
Tubing Implosion Videos ~ Mr. Smiley External Link
Tutorial: Yes, you can save your rusty-holed beads! ~ Lisi

Using Serendipity ~ Mr. Smiley External Link

Viking Knit How-To ~ R4GlassStudio External Link

Wavey Bead Tutorial ~ rckeyes

Zebra Backs ~ Ruth Nichols External Link

brimmy 2006-01-02 1:07pm

Dragon Scale Beads

Rivet Tutorial

Doll Eye Tutorial External Link

Manufacture your Luck! Photos only, external link

Copper Etching with Salt
Easy Bead Box
Making Silk Strings

Basic Encased Bead External Link

Small Off Mandrel Leaves

Taramag's No Fail Stripes Bead

Rose Murrini Tutorial

Dawn >^..^<
Secrets of Raku Revealed

Precision 104 Technical Tips

Fine Folly Glassworks
Multi-Layered Rose Petals Tutorial (Hothead)

Hagstrom Art Glass
Murrini Tut Tease Photos only

Snake Skin Beads

Hydrangea Beads

Goddess Bead Tutorial

Beads of Courage Butterflies

Lisa A
Setting CZs External Link

Gravity Swirls Tutorial External Link
Jewel Stones Beads
Tutorial: Yes, you can save your rusty-holed beads!

Simple Pig Bead for Beads of Courage External Link

Lily Tutorial External Link

Jewellery (Fibula) Pin External Link

Mandrel Wound Implosion Bead

Mr. Smiley
Mr. Smiley's Heart Tutorial
Tubing Implosion Videos External Link
Using Serendipity External Link

Mustang Dawn
Brass Frit Tutorial

Spiral Murrini External Link

Viking Knit How-To External Link

Wavey Bead Tutorial

Ruth Nichols
Flat Fish External Link
Mountain Focal External Link
Snow Drops External Link
Zebra Backs External Link

The Blue Bead

Shawn T
Shawn's Tips and Tricks

How to Achieve the Different Looks with my Handmade Murrini

Cremains in a Bead
Piping Tanked Propane Into Studio

Torched Art
Ring Cigar Box Display

brimmy 2006-01-02 1:08pm

Armadillo Beads
Armadillo Beads

Cane Recipe

Dog Bone Tutorial?

Feather Murrini
Frog Tutorial

Glass Ear Gauge Tutorial?

Horse Tutorial?
How to make a Human Body?

Ladybug Murrini

Making eBay Templates
Making Frit
Metal Etching

New Thimble Thread

Organics Help

Sand Dollars
Skull Bead Tutorial?
Shaping Flower Petals

Judi_B 2006-01-02 1:47pm

=D> =D> =D> Great Idea! Thank you for making this index. =D> =D> =D>

earth*monkey 2006-01-02 2:05pm

This is awesome! Maybe one of the mods will make it a sticky.

brimmy 2006-01-02 2:08pm

Thanks Judi B and earth*monkey! I'm a sucker for punishment. On page three of threads already. I think I might even create a little icon to put beside those ones with images and/or links. And once I get enough tutorials listed, I think I will also sort by topic.

Sharon Abood 2006-01-15 10:47am

Bless you!!!
This is going to help so much.


adovbs 2006-01-15 10:54am

Wow, thanks, Brimmy!!!!!

MaryBeth 2006-08-22 10:14am

What a most awesome resource! Thank you, Brimmy!

Marie C 2006-08-22 10:51am

Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am new to lampworking/fusing and love tutorials. I have had trouble finding them in the past, so this will REALLY HELP!

\\:D/ \\:D/ \\:D/ \\:D/ Marie C \\:D/ \\:D/ \\:D/ \\:D/

I can do all things through Christ who strengths me. Phillipians 4:13

brimmy 2006-08-22 10:56am

No problem. I am glad people are finding it useful. I will be updating it in the next few days as well.

Solana 2006-08-22 5:28pm

Gracias, Brimmy! You're soooo sweet to "punish" yourself in such a way. ;)

AMMBJM 2006-09-20 8:34am

Pumpkins and ghosts
Does anyone have instructions on how to make ghosts and pumpkins

brimmy 2006-09-21 2:20pm

AMMBJM : I will see what I can find. I haven't gotten all of the tutorials up yet.

Kimberly : Thanks. It will always be a work in progress as people here are so generous in adding their tutorials.

brimmy 2006-09-21 4:41pm

The index has been updated. I am impressed by how many new tutorials and discussions I added, let alone how many members have been newly added to the list with their first tutorials. Keep it up!

juneayerza 2006-10-08 7:35pm

Hello Everyone,

I found this listing of tutorals on an Australian beadmakers web site. Some we have seen here and others may be new. There are a few sites which seem to be no longer valid, but don't let that you stop from exploring the rest. Hope this gives someone an opportunity to find something new.


PaulaD 2006-10-20 3:43pm

Wow Brimmy Thanks. I missed a lot of these!
And thank you June.


brimmy 2006-10-20 10:57pm

No problem Paula, I'll be updating the new threads in the next few weeks, so come back often!

mixednut 2007-02-17 10:35pm

wonderful!!!! Thanks for doing all this work for us!

109th Bead 2007-03-22 7:33am

What a generous thing to do. Thank you!

fathertime2424 2007-07-31 7:40am

wow i cant wait to try all of these!! Im so excited!

Koimum 2007-08-03 10:35am

I am excited too! I just found all these!
Thanks so much for everyone's hard work on these!


ZoEyBeAdS 2008-07-09 8:46pm

Thank You, it's always fun to try something new.

glassartist 2008-08-07 7:34am

Hey Brimmy. YOU ROCK! And thanks to all those who shared!

Rudy 2008-10-28 1:54pm


Reenie 2008-10-28 2:26pm


Laura Bronson 2008-11-19 3:37pm

MANY MANY THANKS!!! Just what I needed to see to combat a crappy day at the torch!!

tajones1463 2008-11-19 4:39pm

Brimmy, thanks! You are such a sweet heart for doing this! Many blessings to you!


Kalera 2008-12-30 6:14pm

Hi Brimmy! I just noticed my leaf masher tutorial isn't here; here's the link:

Thank you for making this index!

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