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jeepinwelch 2015-05-03 9:06am

Glass Stock classes are up!

The schedules for both West and East are up! I've made my picks.:grin: It will be another year of ruining perfectly good boro for me.:lol:

artsyuno 2015-05-03 12:36pm

Ha ha ha! Me, too! I'm taking 3 boro classes. I feel like I should apologize to Dolores, Bandhu, Eric and boro in advance.

jeepinwelch 2015-05-03 2:43pm

Both Delores and Eric got stuck with me last year. This year I get to make Bandhu's life hell. lol

artsyuno 2015-05-03 3:20pm

I'm going for the trifecta!

jknappcampbell 2015-05-05 8:53pm

where is the "like" button? LOL you two!
I was Eric's failure last year!

jeepinwelch 2015-05-06 9:03am

I was a failure for both Eric's! My shot glass was way worse than my bridge work though.

Birdsonawire 2015-05-27 9:21am

It was so funny! Eric was running around the table as we all started to make our shot glasses! Poor guy. He was so patient!

jeepinwelch 2015-05-27 8:17pm


Originally Posted by Birdsonawire (Post 4755078)
It was so funny! Eric was running around the table as we all started to make our shot glasses! Poor guy. He was so patient!

And he's crazy enough to teach it again this year. Got to love that man!:love:

jeepinwelch 2015-06-29 10:50am

Woohoo!!! One of my classes is already full at Glass Stock West! I was so worried that no one was going to sign up.

Nitadee 2015-07-05 12:24pm

Hey all you Glass Stock West peeps!
If you haven't yet, it's time for sure, to get me your name and size for your T-shirt!
email me at;
Extra shirts are 20.00 and we do NOT have the option of long sleeves this year.
Thanks in advance!!
Can't wait to see you all there, X's and O's!

deb c 2015-07-26 6:40pm

Wooohooo, an epic year!
I am really getting excited, this is going to be an epic year!
Suellen Fowler, Bandhu Dunham, JC Herrell, Jodie McDougall and Jody Welch, what a line up! And those are just the featured artists, we have an incredible base staff and sooo many new classes!

Can't wait to see all of you and get all that glassy love going on! The family just keeps getting bigger and better every year!
See you all in about a month!
deb :)

jeepinwelch 2015-07-28 8:42am

I can't believe it's so close! I'm not ready...

houptdavid 2015-07-31 9:47pm

Man this year has been quiet, no trash talk, nothin? :lol:

dragonart glass 2015-08-01 6:50am

Woohoo!! Only a month left to go!! I gotta get working on my hat! (And blinders for pajama night ;) )
I can't wait to see you all!!

jeepinwelch 2015-08-11 5:41pm

2 weeks people! As usual I am so not ready. Any volunteers to do the tang murrini demo?

artsyuno 2015-08-12 1:48pm

Three weeks. Don't scare me like that. I have so much to do yet.

jeepinwelch 2015-08-12 5:40pm


Originally Posted by artsyuno (Post 4780868)
Three weeks. Don't scare me like that. I have so much to do yet.

Thank goodness! I thought it was 2 weeks and was starting to hyperventilate. I guess I should look at the calendar a little more often.

artsyuno 2015-08-12 5:52pm

LOL. You almost made me hyperventilate. It's been so hot here this summer that I've been even lazier than usual. I need that extra week.

Birdsonawire 2015-08-13 8:51am

Lol! I almost hyperventilated when I read two weeks!
The theme is Alice in wonderland, right?

jeepinwelch 2015-08-13 9:14am


Originally Posted by Birdsonawire (Post 4781051)
The theme is Alice in wonderland, right?

Yup. And now that I have an extra week I may actually get the theme murrini done. I have been trying so hard not to rush it. Don't want a major fail like last year. :hide:

jeepinwelch 2015-08-26 11:34am

Only one more week!!! For real this time!

artsyuno 2015-08-26 2:46pm


Mina 2015-08-26 3:18pm

Aaaaaaggghhh....I'm in panic mode!! I still have to finish my shcool assignments before I go! I do have my priorities straight though; my exchange beads are done ;-)

artsyuno 2015-08-26 9:03pm

I still need to make a couple of beads for my ring class demo and a couple for Patty's coring/capping class. I'm just about done prepping painted sheet glass for my Friday night demo. I think exchange beads are going to have to come out of what I already have.

jeepinwelch 2015-08-27 7:53am

I got the last of the murrini sliced and half assed polished. Clothes are in the dryer and house is kind of sort of clean for the house/pet sitter. I need to get my tools and supplies packed then I'm ready to roll. We are headed to Portland Saturday morning so I am pretty much out of time!

jeepinwelch 2015-09-22 9:26am

3 week until Glass Stock East! I hope they are ready for us.:biggrin:

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