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j2canoe 2010-06-22 8:01am

Silent Showcase Gallery Show and Tell Poll
As many of you already know, a new method of posting your work in the Gallery was begun last night. It is a "Silent" Show and Tell Showcase that seeks to avoid the perception of favoritism and hopefully eliminates time constraints and wounded egos surrounding the current custom of posting comments about the gallery entries of others. It was determined that participants could, if they wish, comment on a particular entry via PM to the poster. You can, of course, make any comments about your OWN entry within your post. Many of the participants feel that this is a much fairer forum in that it provides "equal footing" for both those new to the craft and those whose work is already legendary and, hopefully, also fosters a more personal relationship between members responding to one anothers posts. This poll seeks to try to establish a guideline for what time/date stamp should be used for the thread. It is an effort to reconcile the best timeframe for European and West Coast participants to recognize that a particular thread is the "current" one (although it makes absolutely no difference in this thread as to where you post - no one wants to be "yesterday's news!" lol )! So please vote for one of the options above or suggest your own. My personal take is that Eastern Standard Time be used as that time zone is approximately in the middle of the spectrum and that 5pm EST be used as the "cutoff" for the next day's thread. Example: 22 June 2010 is used until 5pm EST. If someone posts after this time they would post a thread under 23 June.

Hayley 2010-06-22 8:36am

Actually for some of us, we would prefer not to have PMs . . . not that I don't appreciate the gesture but because I am ALWAYS struggling to clear out my PM box (it's always at 94-96% full!) with all my exchange correspondences! lol!

5pm EST switch is 2pm in California - that's another 10 hours left on the day!Why not use midnight EST as the switch since you are using it as the middle time zone?

glassactcc 2010-06-22 9:06am

Hayley, PMed you:lol:

Hayley 2010-06-22 9:28am

LOL! Cyn!

j2canoe 2010-06-22 9:57am

That's a good suggestion - I chose the 5pm time as that is approximately when the "noisy" showcase switches over now and I thought it would be less confusing to those wishing to post. As far as PM's go - if you don't want them, that's cool too - if you don't respond a few times then most people will get the message - or you could always make your preferences known as you just did. :)

glassactcc 2010-06-22 10:46am

I think this is a great idea Joan, and I think the 5pm time make sense too.

Elizabeth Beads 2010-06-22 11:12am

Maybe we should use the time when a new day starts at the international date late, which is Greenwich Mean Time plus 12. I mean right now it is already June 23 in Jakarta and Sydney.

j2canoe 2010-06-22 11:37am

Elizabeth you are one smart lady!! :) I'd have to look up that one each day tho! :) I'll start one for tomorrow around 5-ish EST, unless someone else does, tonight. I kinda, sorta know that that is around 2pm today West Coast and 2am tomorrow Eastern European. Hopefully that will be ok with the majority. :)

Hayley 2010-06-22 11:55am

I am with Traci and have a fundamental issue with it starting so early for the following day . . . but that's just us, I guess. It never used to be this way. If you looked back in the Gallery, the S&T used to start 4-5pm PST, 7-8pm EST.

Wish your poll gave more options.

AKDesigns 2010-06-22 12:00pm

This silent showcase idea is nothing new btw. It pops up about once every six months and has for years and years. It lasts a few days and then it disappears until it pops again in six months.
No PM's for me either. My box is always close to full.

Hayley 2010-06-22 12:03pm

Yup - for whatever reasons, it never seems to catch on for long.

Listenup 2010-06-22 1:42pm

It just seems so impersonal to me.

Locococo 2010-06-22 2:08pm

The silent showcase is simply boring :-#.....just my opinion.


mnoelker 2010-06-22 2:38pm

Just throwing this out there but I can see that if we set a bunch of rules for the daily S&T that could create an atmosphere where some will want or need to "police" it and new posters or those unaware who stumble in could be offended if they are corrected. Maybe that doesn't matter, I don't know, but is it really worth all the effort to set specific times and rules when making them stick could be a real pain and I believe in the long run it won't be possible to make them stick. There are certainly regular posters but there is also a large percentage of posters that rotate in and out who will not be aware of the rules. Just wondering...

boobiebeads 2010-06-22 2:41pm

... it's kinda like watching porn with the volume turned off - I'm just saying ;)

Hayley 2010-06-22 3:36pm


Originally Posted by boobiebeads (Post 3088194)
... it's kinda like watching porn with the volume turned off - I'm just saying ;)


Natsprat 2010-06-22 4:02pm

I sort of have no opinion on silent or not, but totally understand that it would stop people from feeling bad if thier submission was the only one without further comment which does seem a regular occurrance - it sort of takes the politics out of the equation if this is the culprit (I hardly ever look or even comment and only rarely post and therefore are happy to fit in with everyone else).

With the timing of the thread, we are a day ahead of you blokes and therefore I have never seen it start "early".... well not for us in Australia at any rate, but seeing as the forum is based in the US I would expect it to run on your time not ours - happy to go with the flow, I usually end up posting a date behind myself anyway.

Nat :-)

glassactcc 2010-06-22 4:04pm

Yeah, but there has been talk about folks not wanting to post in the ST at all. I think this opens up another option. I do agree it's not as personal, but there is the original ST that is. Something for everyone.

glassactcc 2010-06-22 4:05pm

Well put Nat. That's what I was trying to say but you said it better.

j2canoe 2010-06-22 4:15pm

Well - I guess it doesn't matter - the poll was probably a dumb idea of mine. I just thought it might help. Personally, I can rarely post after 6pm EST as I have to get up to go to my "real" job (the one that supports my glass habit) at 3:45am EST so I rarely make it past 10pm EST. I will just start a new Silent thread if no one else has between 5 and 6 pm EST and everyone else can choose where they want to post. If you are subscribed to the thread it tells you anyway when someone posts in either thread - so I guess it is machs nichts.

Ekkie 2010-06-22 4:55pm

Well put Nat.
I love the silent showcase because I get really annoyed when there are 3 pages of posts and half of them are the same beads over and over. I would much rather just look at everyone's beautiful beads without wading through pages of comments and reposts.
And, I admit to being guilty of commenting occasionally on a favourite and always feel bad for not listing everyone.

Teena 2010-06-22 8:06pm

"ditto" to what Mikelene said.

Shrimp 2010-06-22 8:39pm

I always appreciate when my friends here tell what glass they used.

lonerp 2010-06-22 11:21pm

I really think that it is a shame to have TWO s&t pr day. And I can understand why people would put the same beads in both threads, but come on... why two?
I love it when a s&T is actually a show and TELL. I usually donīt read comments on other people beads, but I love when you guys tell whatīs in your bead or how you made it. Now that to me is usefull and interesting. On the other hand I also really, really like when people have nice comments on my beads:p.:lol:

fcfmountain 2010-06-23 4:31am

A forum is a free exchange of ideas. Exchange if you want to. Comment if you want to. Share an idea if you want to. Post a picture if you want to.
Do you really need to control things to achieve the purpose of 'maybe, perhaps, possibly' keeping someone from having their feelings hurt? You can't or shouldn't try to control all the world, unless you are also willing to stifle what a forum is and toss freedom out of the window in the process. If you don't like the above comment then you can fire back at me if you choose, that's "A Forum". Besides, I put my 'big boy underwear on every morning' and I'm willing to live in the real world. TIM

Nicker 2010-06-23 8:04am

I like the silent but it never seems to stay around. I find it's too hard to feel the pressure of commenting on each and every post.

Hayley 2010-06-23 8:41am

I think one of the reasons the silent ones don't stay around is that people are posting in both and the traditional ones always win out when most people get tired of looking at two threads only to see most of them are duplicates.

I love the fact that the traditional ones seem to hardly have any quote with image repeated! Yay!

Elizabeth Beads 2010-06-23 12:35pm

I think it would be OK in the Silent S&T to comment on your own bead, such as saying what glass it is made of or why you were tickled with it. I noticed some people gave the name of the bead or the set and that seems cool. Saying "now on ebay" is a pet peeve of mine (in any thread, especially if your selling links are in your sig.) but I'm a live and let live person so I will deal.

Hayley 2010-06-23 3:38pm

I actually love when they say "now on ebay" or "now on etsy" so I don't have to click on all the links in their sig to find the bead! lol! That goes to show that there is not "right" or "wrong" in most situations, Liz! ;)

patienthand 2010-06-24 5:21am

I went and looked at the silent thread the other day and enjoyed it. I rarely look in the gallery because I find it a pain to wade through all the multiple images of work and chatter.


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