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firstTubeO2 2018-03-26 5:23pm

Oxygen concentrators for sale
I have just started an online shop to provide sales and service of oxygen concentrators. I do have a few different makes and models of 5 liter and 10 liter concentrators. You can PM me or visit for more info. 10 liter units range from $550 - $650 and come standard with two year warranty. 5 liter units also available.
I have nine years repairing and building concentrators in the medical industry and I am trying to go out on my own to offer my services.

Abacus Beads 2018-03-26 6:00pm

Where are you located ?

Liz R

firstTubeO2 2018-03-27 4:46am

I am located in Raleigh N.C. but will ship anywhere in the US.

Abacus Beads 2018-03-27 5:45am

OK How much is the shipping and related charges?
Liz R

helcol 2018-03-27 6:55am

Great news, hope you thrive, i am in Wendell close to you.

firstTubeO2 2018-03-27 7:15am

Thanks helcol let me know if you ever need sales or service!

firstTubeO2 2018-03-27 7:20am

Liz if you’re interested in a ten liter I can get you a price on shipping. I am assuming you’re in Oregon? Can you possibly PM me so I can give you a definitive price? I’m sure I can give you a break on some of the shipping cost if that helps. I also have an online shop but not to sure if it’s kosher to post the domain here.
Thanks and let me know!

Jill Hoblick 2018-03-28 2:11pm

How much is shipping to North Florida?

firstTubeO2 2018-03-29 1:13pm

North Florida would run about $55 for a 10liter

Shaper 2018-08-08 5:33pm

Can't find your shop, a link would be nice.

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