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theglasszone 2007-10-31 12:16am

Quick Enamels Questions...
Hi Everyone!

I recently purchased a Thompson Enamel Sampler on GS - the colors and wonderful and I can hardly wait to try them out! I've checked out several threads about using proper ventilation and a mask while working with them - but what about when you just pour them out and get them set up to work with? It would make sense to keep the mask on at all times while the enamels are "out", but is it necessary, or only while working in the flame?

Thanks for any advice...

DeAnne in CA

LyndaJ 2007-10-31 4:24am

the "trouble" with enamels and powdered glass is that they can become airborne and get into your lungs. Depending how small the glass particles are they can stay suspended in the air for hours.

So, you'll want the mask on the whole time that you are using them.

You'll want good ventilation so that the material that's airborne can get pulled out of your workspace.

and, you'll want to wipe up your area with a disposable, damp cloth when you're done so that anythings that spills or settles out of the air can be easily wiped up and thrown away.

Carolyn M 2007-10-31 5:48am

There is more danger when you are pouring them out. When I'm using them that is when I see the most 'sparks' in my flame which indicates little particles of airborne enamel being burned. Make sure you have the right respirator too, a dust mask is not adequate it has to be an N100 particulate respirator

theglasszone 2007-10-31 3:57pm

Thanks, everyone! I've seen the respirator masks for sale here...can they be purchased at Home Depot? I always seem to miss them in Garage Sale!

Regards from CA,

beadworkstudio 2007-10-31 6:13pm

I got mine here:

There might be a cheaper source, though. Anyone?

redbearmountain 2008-03-09 2:00pm

Thank you Sheila, I just ordered a mask! I sure want to be safe! I just made some beads and I got the enamels to work pretty good. I will keep experimenting! Thanks everyone for your help!

BeadinMarie 2008-03-09 4:40pm

I bought mine at Home Depot, so they do have them! :)

Jamn! 2008-03-24 11:22am

I think that mask up there is good for temporary but a respirator with the screw in round cannister parts is the better one. I don't have a link or a picture but they do have them at home depot! :)

ez2remember 2008-03-24 2:42pm

Actually, I would say the disposable 8233 has definite benefits over a cannister type respirator. For one, every time you open a new one you are starting out fresh. With a permanent type, you always have the risk of contamination from airborne particles due to not quite right storage conditions or handling.

In any case, I buy mine from Cyberweld. Price is lower and free shipping with a minimum order of $25, I believe.


Jamn! 2008-03-24 3:08pm

Sorry but I thought the screw in type had a better filter. Are you saying because it is left in the room it gets contaminated?

Jackie 2008-03-24 3:29pm

You can buy them from Thompson Enamel as well. So when you buy your enamels buy a couple of masks.

Jamn! 2008-03-24 6:28pm

Yeah that's a good idea! :)

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