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Angie09 2014-01-31 6:05am

Mountain Arts for Oxy Concentrators...who would have thought?
During all the recent upheaval about concentrators not being delivered even when paid for I decided I wanted an Integra Sequal but could only afford used. I found them on Mountain Glass Arts website and decided to purchase one. Long story short, it just didn't work as Well as I thought it should so I called expecting an oxy concentrator run around! Well, to my surprise, They were not only helpful...but down right nice!! We ran through all the tests and it seemed to be performing ok ... But I knew it just wasn't putting out the amount of oxy I needed. So, they have me call the actual company that converts the machines and, Larry and I again ran through all the tests and the concentrator seemed to be fine. comes the part of the story that is incredible.....instead of arguing with me or telling me the machine was "fine" THEY SENT ME A NEW ONE! Plus they paid the freight to get the old one back!! No run around, no not answering the phone.....nothing but making me feel like a valued customer! KUDOS Mountain Glass Arts!! BTW, the concentrator was here in 3 days (how'd they do that??) if you're looking for a yourself a BIG favor and talk with them......

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LarryC 2014-01-31 8:57am

They have become my primary supplier. Class act!

glassshack 2014-04-17 12:33pm

MGA is the BEST on the block hands down. If you've had it with all the rest you'll not be sorry with any of the MGA crew. I remember them when they had 4 people and their now up to over 20 8) Give em a try and they do price match 8)

stefanie 2014-04-19 6:42pm

Nice review. I'm in need of good customer service. :-)

doraspot 2014-07-24 11:42am

Fantastic service

echeveria 2014-07-24 12:02pm

They are genuinely a nice bunch of people.

doraspot 2014-11-24 3:28pm

hoping to see a concentrator special soon. This would be a cool Christmas gift

glassymom 2014-11-24 6:52pm

fantastic to know, thank you!!!

doraspot 2015-04-05 8:18am

MGA has a great selection

istandalone24/7 2015-04-29 12:10pm

mtn glass kicks ass!
i had a kiln fiasco a few years ago....and it technically wasn't mtg glass's was paragons (in regards to the interior dims of the bluebird, on mtn's website it listed the dims of the xl on the regular bluebird spec sheet) mistake, but they took care of it nicely. that won them a lifetime customer.

doraspot 2015-11-12 5:50am

Mouuntain Glass has concentrators in stock ready to ship NOW ! No two month wait times.
Order now for Christmas.

doraspot 2016-09-16 8:44am


KJohn 2016-09-16 9:10am

so how did the new one turn out, performance wise? Glad you had a good experience!

MeganE 2016-09-16 10:53pm

That's great info. Thanks!

Chickadee 2017-02-24 10:50am

I just bought a new glass kiln from them on Thursday and received it Tuesday (Monday was a holiday.) I new it would be fairly quick shipping because I'm in Virginia, but I was expecting a week, not 2 business days.

snoopdog6502 2017-02-24 12:35pm

MGA is great. I live 2,600 miles from them and get my stuff pretty quick.

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