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Mary K 2017-11-09 9:36am

David Landenwich
My heart is heavy this morning. I just learned that a good friend has passed away. For any of you who knew Dave Landenwich he had a massive heart attach and passed away unexpectedly on November 2. Life is short, don't put off the things you want to do in your life! Damn! Going to miss him very much! He was a regular on here back in the day. So sad.

KJohn 2017-11-10 2:42pm

So sorry to hear that, Mary! Thanks for sharing :love: :love: hugs

Three Muses Glass 2017-11-13 6:17am

I'm so sorry to hear that. :( I didn't recognize who you meant, but saw in the Sunroom it's Dlando. So sad.

MagpieGlass 2017-11-15 8:50am

He was a great guy. So giving. Taken too soon. My heart aches.

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