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Dreamscapes Studio 2010-02-08 9:43pm

Any suggestions for ...?
Hi All,

I am so confused ... there are sooo many tuts out there ... I don't know what to look for ... help pleeeease

Here's the deal ... I am tired of wasting all my silver glass. I think I am working too hot ... but I'm not totally sure.

I am looking for a silver glass tut that focuses (sp?) on the Double Helix glass - some other glass add-ons are ok ... but I really want to figure out the DH. I see lots of tuts out there about silver glass' but from what I've seen there is only 1 or 2 DH glass in the lists.

Is there such a thing ... or am I looking for a needle in a haystack?

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!!!

Thank you

AKDesigns 2010-02-08 11:27pm

My tutorial focuses on reduction glass and I do use DH in the tutorial. However my technique works on any reduction glass and even striking glass that reduces. You can view the results people are having with it here in the gallery thread and see if it interests you:

If you're more into striking glass, there are a few tutorials that pertain to that. I'm sure others will chime in with some recommendations for you.

Oh....I don't think you can work silver glass too hot. :)

lunamoonshadow 2010-02-18 9:40am

Seriously, if you want silver-glass information (for free), go read the silver-glass exchange threads in the patio--there's LOADS of info in those threads--it will take you hours ;).
After you read through those, you can buy the tutorials (I've got one from the exchange I was in--Hayley does an amazing job of "distilling" the information to a few bulletpoints & photos for each bead!) if you like--but there's LOADS of info in those threads--posts from the participants & photos of their beads as they go along.
who someday will have the $$ to buy all the silver-glass tutorials--Amy's included!

sislonski 2010-02-19 12:12am

I use silver glass in two of my tutorials and do cover how to use the certain silver glass colors from DHelix glass but they're more on how to make a particular bead. So if you're just wanting to get your glass to work?
Try this:

Work DH glass, just about any of it (with the exception of a few) hot. Then let it cool. Let it get really cool. When you melt it, it will turn clear. If it isn't almost clear then you didn't get it hot enough. Once you have it really hot, let it cool, cool, cool, cool. Spell mississippi three or four times. buy now it should be dark brown

Then flash it in the tip of your flame, it will turn even darker brown, almost black.

If you plan to encase it with clear then you only want to heat it very quickly in the hottest part of the flame. Keep doing this in short intervals until you see just a hint of blue. Then encase and it will bring the colors out. Play with that a few times and eventually you'll know how many times or how much color to bring out to get particular colors like green, blue or purple.

When melting in the clear encasement don't get the core of the bead, in this case your reactive glass (DH) too hot or you'll lose your color. It's important to melt it slowly.

If you're not encasing it. I usually will make up the bulk of my bead with another color, like black for example then encase the black with the reactive glass, so you're not using up as much DHelix glass. Again melt it hot, really hot, making sure you don't lose your shape. It's consistent also to make sure that your Helix glass is kept evenly heated. Or not, if you don't evenly heat you'll just get different colors.

So you've heated it. Let it cool and cool and cool some more. Then flash it in the tip of your flame. Then turn up your propane, or just insert the bead into the hot part of the flame, rolling your bead, take it out, hold it into the light look for color, then just keep doing it over and over until you get some color or the color that you're looking for without encasing it.

I wrote this out very quickly so I hope it all makes sense rather then just confusing you.

I should note: even if you don't get the glass really really hot when you're first melting it, you'll just get different variations of color, but they'll be more striking the hotter you get it and the more you let it cool (the darker it gets when cooling.)

chrissy 2010-02-19 4:20am

Hi Cheryl,

My latest E-book covers a bunch of silver glass colors. Not about how to make a certain bead, but how to get colors out of the silver glass.

I included some extra stuff like the snaketrail beads and murrini making.
The colors i covered in this E-book are:

Ekho - DH
Aurea - DH
Khaos - DH
Transcendental - TAG
Dalai Lama - TAG
Taxco - TAG

And it covers general information about striking and reducing.

Troll Lover 2010-02-20 11:19am

I have 2 tuts out :), first about reducing glass (DH colors, Psyche, Triton and Aurea) and the second is about striking colors, with DH Khaos and Ekho (and TAG colors as well).

Good luck with your choice and your silver glass journey :)!

sislonski 2020-03-03 8:45pm

In the end, practice makes perfect, just keep mixing different reactive glass colours together, read the directions on the silver glass sites and play okay play, who knows one day you may discover a reaction that everyone will be dying to try on their beads. Thatís what makes lampworking so much fun!

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