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PolychromeBeads 2019-07-01 7:04pm

CIM Little Boy Blue
It's not supposed to be blue, is it? It's green in the rod, and it stays green after it's melted. Or am I doing something wrong?


PattyK 2019-07-02 12:01am

Hi Aimee - there's a lot of really great info on that color here:

It looks really pretty!

PolychromeBeads 2019-07-02 12:20am

Thanks Patty!

It's funny, but my Little Boy Blue doesn't look like that. It is definitely green.


yonil 2019-07-02 6:05am

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I don't think I'd call any of the beads I made with LBB green, but I did get a greenish cast on where I reduced some silverglass too hard... I wonder if they mislabeled some? Do you have any photos of what you've made, and of the rods?

Attachment 171843

(the one with some fume)
Attachment 171844

Attachment 171845

PolychromeBeads 2019-07-02 8:05pm

Okay, here is a picture - one bead of a set I made that is LBB with Moody Blue on top. And three rods for comparison - one of my LBB, one of Effetre light turquoise (which I always think has a slight greenish cast), and one of Vetrofond pearl gray.

The LBB in the bead is way green, which may have been because of the silverglass - but I'm sure it was pretty green even before I added the silverglass.

I'm not saying it's a bad green, I'm really just confused about the name and wondering if it's supposed to be blue?


Eileen 2019-07-02 8:31pm

I have never seen it, but I notice that inside the hole it looks rod color. Maybe the silver glass is changing the color?

yonil 2019-07-02 9:13pm

I would definitely blame the silverglass for that. If you look around the wings of my birds with the metallic wings, you'll see the same effect. I know some people reported that LBB didn't fume with silverglass, I found that it actually did, if you gave it a good long reduction. When I've super lightly reduced, there hasn't had a problem. (BUT I've never used Moody Blue, either, so maybe I'm way off base!)

carolinesbeads 2019-07-13 3:42am

Mine stayed a pretty blue green, I think it reads as a blue to me. Based on your picture I agree the silver glass probably fumed it to a green color

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