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karibeads 2020-12-08 4:54pm

Magazine article writer needs your pics!
Hello group! I've been melting glass for 20 years on a hothead. I'm researching an article for the ISGB publication called Glass Bead Evolution and would love to see photos of your handmade tools and how you use them. My article will be about being a lampwork glass artist on a shoestring budget. I lived it and want to share ideas for new beadmakers. Do you have some photos and ideas you'd like to share with me for the article? Please and thank you!! Kari

Robin Passovoy 2020-12-09 1:51pm

Well, I don't have any really handmade tools other than the punties I cut from a welding rod. It's actually easier to get inexpensive tools meant for other purposes. Some of my favorites are Revlon eyebrow tweezers, because they're sturdy but come to a very fine point. Scissors meant for bonsai are just about identical to official glass shears, and cost way less. For detailing, I've got a bunch of "veining tools" that is to say, needle-sharp straight picks used for doing fine details on fondant cake decorations. Certain surgical tools are great for that, too, and I got two sets of stainless steel wax-sculpting tools from American Science and Surplus for cheap. If you're feeling adventurous, you can experiment with cheap glass, too--bottle glass, which is everywhere, and any pet store or craft store will have bags and bags of those aquarium gems, which are even softer than 104 and come in a lot of interesting colors. Leather-stamping tools can imprint glass as well, and one of my favorite tools is an antique bronze-bladed table knife. Woodworking tools like files and rasps can be used for texturing, teaspoons can hold small amounts of frit, and I keep my rods in old coffee tins. The list is endless!

Speedslug 2020-12-09 11:14pm

Oh, don't forget dental tools.

They only about a half dozen re-sharpenings before the dentist throws them out and if you ask them to save them for you they will gladly give you fistfuls.

Speedslug 2022-05-28 7:55am


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