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LFCookie 2010-11-30 8:02pm

Lampworked headpins
What kind of wire do you use if you want to make a headpin with glass in the shape of a leaf? And what gauge? Can it be done with silver or will the silver just melt away. Copper?

Torched Art 2010-11-30 8:17pm

I use copper wire. I went to home depot and stripped the wire. The gauge varies, but they all work for me. (20-24?)

tweeky clothespin 2010-12-01 9:10am

Christina, could you post a picture of the finished head pin? I need a visual reference.

Torched Art 2010-12-01 4:32pm

I have some earrings using them

LFCookie 2010-12-01 9:39pm

Thank you so much!

Laura B 2010-12-01 10:16pm

Love your portfolio! Forgot all about what I was supposed to be there looking at/for.

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