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hotflashpenny 2008-02-20 8:13am

from HH to mini cc
I just switched to a mini cc w/propane & tanked O2. OMG - what a wonderful difference! I have reviewed the Carlisle site and see the different types of flames and what they should look like on the mini cc. Should I be adjusting my O2 to an oxidizing flame when I do dots & stringers? I'm used to just moving around the HH flame to cooler areas when doing "delicate" work. I tried that on the mini cc but I seem to be boiling my stringer so I am assuming I am working too close. I've only been able to play on the mini for a couple of hours. I feel like I have to relearn everything all over again.


Chuckie 2008-02-20 8:16am

Your new torch is hot enough where you have to work outside of the flame, just off to the side. Play around just outside the edge of the flame until you find the sweet spot.

skookum 2008-02-20 8:26am

Don't forget that you now have the ability to turn down your flame too.
For stringer, I usually work higher up in the flame and more to the side of it than in the middle of the flame. Experiment and you will see what works best for you.
I too went from a HH to a mini cc.

hotflashpenny 2008-02-20 3:44pm

Thanks! I'll keep moving around until I found the right spot. I knew there would be an adjustment period but I am very impatient!


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