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zen-mom 2008-04-15 10:24am

Boro bead release question
Hi all... I've taken up making small encased boro beads and I have an issue with the release I've been using for soft glass. I'm guessing it's the more intense heat causing the release to crack and chip when I made the boro beads. So here's a question for the boro bead makers... what release do you use?

hotflashwanda 2008-04-15 10:27am

I use Fusion for my boro (for all my glass, actually). Have tried most brands out there, always came back to Fusion.

zen-mom 2008-04-15 10:31am

Really? OKay then... I actually carry that. I've been mixing it 50/50 with Alice's for my soft glass. I guess I try it out alone for the boro and see what happens. Thanks!

LeahBeads 2008-04-15 11:39am

I use Fusion, too, for both hard and soft glass. I love it!


ginkgoglass 2008-04-15 1:17pm

FosterFire Smooth and Tuff is fantastic!

skookum 2008-04-15 4:00pm

Fusion for me! I work both hard and soft glass.
I have not tried Fosterfire Smooth and Tuff yet.

Cosmo 2008-04-15 4:16pm

I only use Sludge Plus. I've tried many others (Foster Fire, Bucket of Mud, Fusion, Zipp or whatever it's called) and it works the best.

Mary K 2008-04-18 7:17am

Another vote for Sludge Plus. The other ones are great for soft glass, but for boro, the only one that doesn't burn off is Sludge Plus.

zen-mom 2008-04-18 8:12am

Thanks for the input guys. I think I have a jar/bottle of Sludge Plus. But if I remember correctly it seemed very thick to me. Should the consistancy be the same as any other bead release?

I have some ideas floatin' around in my head and want to get straight to work when I get to studio today. I will try some of the Sludge Plus and open up a fresh bottle of Fusion. Maybe I'll even try the Smooth and Tuff Foster Fire.

I have a tiny bottle of the Dirty Looie's bead release, anybody try that yet?

Kare TX 2008-04-18 7:15pm

I've tried Dirty Louies worked very well when air dried, did not work well for me when I flame dried it. I will use it again.
I mix two releases together usually... Smooth & Tuff with KRAG Mud

zen-mom 2008-04-18 7:41pm

OKay, tried the Dirty Looies... Love it
Tried Sludge Plus, me no likey... I didn't like it the first time I tried it and still don't but I
mixed the Sludge Plus into my mix of Fusion and Alice's and it works great :biggrin:
I'll have to work my way through the huge batch of bead release I have now before I try anything new.

kebira 2008-04-19 2:14am

Here's a vote for Dirty Louies. I find drying in bead door works best for me.Its quick and I can have as many ready as I have ambition for. Plus,I've yet to have to wrestle any to the floor getting the beads off.Just hold the bead and spin the mandrill.Did I mention it washes out on it's own?

zen-mom 2008-04-19 8:35am

Oooo, I can't wait to get to the beads I did with Dirtie Looie's. I wanna see how easy it is to get the beads off :) I am having some serious issues with the thumb joint in my right hand and have been putting the mandrels in a vice and twisting the beads off using my left hand. I just can't hold on to the mandrels (on their own or with a pliers) with my right hand any more. :(

Mr. Smiley 2008-04-19 3:14pm

Sludge plus for years... I've tried a bunch and I do have some of the Dirty stuff to give a go. I'll let you know what I find out about that. Sludge Plus has always been my choice. It rocks! ;)

Leanne 2008-04-19 8:16pm

Sludge Plus!!!

Leanne 2008-04-19 8:17pm

Basically if it's grey it's good bead release in my opinion because the only two releases I have ever like have been grey.....Chockadoo bead release which is a an ozzie company and sludge plus.

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