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Cindy2 2008-07-04 5:24am

Welding and Didydiums OK?
Just starting to play with colored boro - I think it's enough eye protection to use my didys and fuser/welding glasses (3) together? Yeah it'll get heavy but I want to protect my eyes.



hotflashwanda 2008-07-05 10:47am

Shade 3 welder's is a bit on the light side--if you're working with color much, shade 5 will protect your eyes better. I tried a shade 3 when I first started boro, as it was hard to see with darker lenses--but my eyes hurt. So shade 5's and better lighting have been my friends ever since. :-)

Mr. Smiley 2008-07-05 2:33pm

It depends on your eyes and how sensitive they are to light. I don't wear any welding shades. ACE work just fine for me. ;)

Cindy2 2008-07-06 2:23pm

HI, thanks you two! when I first started fusing, I bought shade 5 welders for the fusing but couldn't see a dang thing! I took them back and got the 3's so I could see something in the studio.

But I am into protecting my eyes. Maybe I'd prefer the shield because it would protect my eyes when I was working with boro but I wouldn't have to wear them.

thanks again for the input! I appreciate it!


skookum 2008-07-13 10:42am

I wear my didy's and have a welder's visor (shade 5) attached to the peak of my welding beanie that I wear. That way I have the added protection when I want it and can flip up the shade when I don't need it.

The beanie looks goofier than hell but it protects both my eyes and my hair.

MadelineBunyan 2008-07-19 1:04pm

I use 5s, and yes I look reeediculous!

MadelineBunyan 2008-07-19 1:04pm

with didymiums (obviously?)

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