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tanarele 2016-02-04 4:36am

choosing controller for annealing kiln
Hello, i am new to lampworking, and now trying to make an annealing kiln. I am not building a new one, only trying to adjust old simple muffle kiln for glass bead annealing purposes. I need to choose a controller. Main question is,- how many segments/steps the controller must have?

GLASSFREEK 2016-02-06 1:59pm

just for lamp working you only need a few, the fuji pxr3 is a good waht we put on all our kilns.

tanarele 2016-02-13 4:07am

Thank You for advise!
I am searching the possible ways to order Fuji.. :) Still i am thinking about omron E5CC-TCQ3A5M-000 . Besides this new idea of working with glass, i usually work with brass/silver casting. So i have build already two kilns for mould burning. For these, i have a programmable omron E5CN-H, because it is the easiest brand to purchase, where i live.

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