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aussiejules 2009-12-14 9:30pm

Masked dots tutorials?
Hi All,

I've been searching high and low for a tutorial that has some interesting dot masking techniques. Like the beads that Brad Pearson makes, or Kristina Logan...dots and raking etc...

Anyone got any suggestions?


yellowbird 2009-12-14 9:34pm

I don't know what you mean by masking?

aussiejules 2009-12-14 9:51pm

I thought masking was where you put dots over dots, to create patterns. Not always just dots on top of dots, but dots to the side of dots what Brad Pearson does to create his patterns...

...his home page has pictures of what I am looking for help with...

yellowbird 2009-12-14 9:53pm

It might be?
I call that stacking .
if you use the search you should be able to find information.

aussiejules 2009-12-14 9:56pm

gee...thanks for the help... I've searched high and low...that's why i posted a thread to ask others if they've seen anything...

wendbill 2009-12-14 10:09pm

Deanna Griffen Dove has a Dots book which talks about placement and effects. Well to be more accurate I suspect it does - I have the original version which she and Brad Pearson wrote.

Passing the Flame also has some info about using dots in terms of patterns.

yellowbird 2009-12-14 10:14pm

Oh good I have always wanted that book.

wendbill 2009-12-14 10:15pm

I don't think these are quite going to fulfil your wants but

There's a combed and raised tutorial here:

There's also a star bead tutorial on LE which is basically all about layering dots.

aussiejules 2009-12-14 10:24pm

thanks Wendy...shall take a look at those...

any others?

monarae 2009-12-14 10:49pm

There's also an interesting variation in Passing the Flame. Corina talks about purple and reaction combinations that force the glass into certain patterns.

I've never gone full blown in my efforts but I have tried some masking; it takes a long time and a lot of practice in order to understand the layers and how they effect eachother.

I suggest you get two colors (not black and white) and have fun laying some dots down. One tip I have for you is to use the base glass as a way to push the other color around without creating an obvious dot.

Post some pics if you try; share your experience.


EmbellishYourself 2009-12-15 1:19am

I would love to see a tutorial on this also. I bought the Dots book by Brad Pearson and Deanna Griffin Dove but they don't really go into it.

Libby L. 2009-12-15 8:08am

The idea is pretty basic using dots and covering them with other dots. I think the best idea is to get on the torch and explore it. You never know what you might come up with on your own!
It really is so much fun and I have discovered tons of ways to make shapes etc just by playing around.

LAbeaddragon 2009-12-15 8:22am

Tom and Sage Holland along with Beau Anderson teach masking in their classes. It is more than just dots. It is a combination of lines and dots and using the base color to hide parts of them to create patterns.

2kids&atorch 2009-12-15 8:35am

Brad Pearson did a presentation at the ISGB Gathering this past sumer called: Using Dots and Masking to Create Triangles; or something to that effect. I had to leave for my flight so I missed it. You might try asking around to see if anyone saw it. He teaches, too...that is one class I have really been wanting to take!

aussiejules 2009-12-15 1:57pm

Thanks for all the suggestions....I saw Brad at the Gathering a few years ago now, and just loved what he could do with dots! I haven't really pursued it since then, and now looking for a refresher on just what to do. Looks like its play time for me!

MerryFool 2009-12-15 4:23pm

wow! Brad Pearson's stuff blows me away! What a neat technique...
I have the "Dot Dot Dots" book and it's really good. :)

beauxbead 2010-01-18 5:04pm

Here are a few odd oldstyle masking beads I already have up loaded. As Libby wisely pointed out Masking is limitless you just need to play then practice, reaching as near to perfection as you are comfortable with. You will find Meany examples in modern and ancient beads when you understand the concept. Masking is a new word for an ancient layering proses witch can be practised using all the techniques available to you. Starting with b/w is great and working from big dots,lines,twistys to smaller and smaller ones is another hint to getting started. You will find a few more masking examples on my website but more importantly the techniques list you find there can hint you into masking oblivion. play then practice/practice-play etc............ (Hide) Sage, Tom Holland, Vanessa Bunnet and I will be offering a Class April 28-May 2 In the Medowcreek Vally Of Fox Arkansas If you would like a more formal introduction to the wonderful world of masking and much more. Come on Down if you can. Lodging and home cooked Meals included.:poke::love:B

alysonmoore 2011-09-23 10:05am

do you like?

20 cm hight

PerfectDeb 2011-09-24 3:55am

I bought Kristina logans video, while it's not a tutorial it's interesting to watch her work and I picked up a few tips

I think you really just need to break a design down and play a bit

kirrakat123 2011-09-24 5:42pm

Alessia, That bead is beautiful & I love the stand you have put it on.
Where did you get the stand? It makes the bead into a work of art.

rainygrrl 2011-09-24 6:20pm

Julie, were you in Seattle several years ago? If you're the person I'm thinking of, I picked you up in the University district and we went for a ferry ride. I think you were the first person I exchanged beads with.

firebreathingdragon 2011-09-30 8:03am

One of the ways you could practice masking techniques without actually using your glass up is you could take a blank white sheet of paper, a black pen or marker, and a white paint or white out pen. You could make black dots and then add white out dots over it, wait for it to dry and then add black dots. ect... That could help you figure out how to get the look you want to acheive.

kmd 2011-10-26 5:50pm

Another dot pattern research idea. Buy a couple of packets of small stick on dots about 1/4-1/2 inch size, in two different colours,and have some fun overlapping and layering. Your dots will all be the same size, and you will be able to see what goes over what.
If you come up with something wonderful, go back and make a step by step diagram. Put 10 dots down in a row, add 9 dots, then 8 dots etc., so you can see how the pattern builds up. Useful reference, for days when the brain has the sulks.


rainygrrl 2011-10-27 2:18pm

Those are both great ideas! Thanks!

JuneauBrat 2011-10-28 12:19am

There was a tutorial in Lapidary Journal, October 2005 for Masked Dots by Rob Eaton. If you don't collect and keep every magazine like I do, you could check online and see if they have back issues or just put the word out.
On the cover of the issue, bottom right corner is an ivory and turquoise bead that is one of the ones demonstrated in the article.
Good luck.

SandyQ 2011-11-12 2:10pm

Zinci 2011-11-12 9:13pm

oh that's so awsome SandyQ!

PKnowler 2011-11-18 7:18am


Originally Posted by SandyQ (Post 3778750)

OMG! Those are gorgeous! I'd like to know how to do that!


Fire Mistress 2011-11-19 9:11pm

WOW Sandy!! I'm breathless!
Those are awesome.
I love the color combination. If you ever do a tutorial, let me know!

FiredDesires 2011-11-21 10:48am

Sandy! Absolutely number 2 for a tutorial on how to do this bead...just stunning.

p.s. just clicked on your link that you have in your signature and it says the site was disabled!!! what??? how else am I'm going to get my eye candy fix and drown in bead porno of your work.....boooooooo, booooooo

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