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pattyglass 2012-11-29 12:20pm

2013 Glass Craft & Bead Expo in LAS VEGAS!!
Yes, we are back again for the 19th time!!! Class registration is open and classes are filling up crazy fast!!! Our instructors are top notch and offering some great classes. Make sure you sign up before they are gone.

patienthand 2012-12-13 1:58pm

I am planning to go for the first time.. woo hoo.

zen-mom 2012-12-13 2:54pm

Yay! My DH and I have gone every year for the past 6 years... this will be our 7th year.

I never get a table, although I am considering it sometime. Not sure if it would be worth it though.

Tillie 2012-12-13 5:10pm

I've missed the last 2 years, for various reasons, like a trip to China to pick up a grandson! And financial reasons for the other missed year. I want to go in 2013 so bad!! However, just found out today there is a really good chance I will have to have a hip replacement in the next couple of months....if I don't have to have the surgery, I'm going to be there or die trying!! :-)

Jeri 2012-12-13 6:59pm

Neil and I will be there, with my mom and we will be meeting up with SCHERMO! Jeri

speedingpullet 2012-12-20 11:10am

Me and my partner in crime have just booked our rooms!

This will be our second time, so this one we want to concentrate more on the amazing classes than the actual buying of stuff.....

*ShirlAnn* 2012-12-20 11:56am

Would you let me know in advance when it's coming up next year? I live in San Diego county and would need to make plans in advance. Thanks.

Mountain Lady 2012-12-27 6:09pm

I'm there! So many cool classes but can't afford them all LOL

LisaSt.Martin 2013-01-03 10:25am

I'll be teaching again. It is one of my favorite shows of the year.

I'll be teaching a dichro class, silver glass class, beginner beads and my glass flowers.

It really is so much fun...


deb c 2013-01-03 12:41pm

Wow, 19 years, how time flies! This will be my 17th year teaching there, this is my favorite show of the year (non-GS)! It will be great to see all of you again!

I am teaching Crossover for fusing (2 days..I think there is one spot left on Thurs, Wed class full). Also my dichroic and foil fish and turtle class, then the blown boro Sea Shells class! If you have wanted to try the tubing, this is the class for you! It is labeled "Advanced", you just have to be very comfortable on the torch, not familiar with tubing!
Anyone taking the shell class can get my shell tutorial anytime for half price, it will help immensely to get early and study it before the class!

Shirlannd- it is always end of March, first week of April timing....
Jeri's classes and carved beads are amazing (hi guys!)
Lisa's classes are awesome....she is a dichro queen! (Hi girl!)

Can't it March yet?
deb ;)

melody 2013-01-03 3:21pm

I am going! Have two tables in the bead bazaar and can't wait. I LOVE going to Vegas. We work hard and play hard too.

If you're on the fence, come it is so much fun......

FiredDesires 2013-01-03 7:34pm

I've got classes going on too. Deb, I don't think Jerri is teaching this year, at least I don't see her listed in the booklet.

I'm doing two beginner classes this year, an intermediate class and the sculptural class. Go to, search under instructor (Catharine Weaver) and you will see class descriptions & all the info.

Looking forward to seeing all my teaching buddies again, new students and all you LE peeps that show up...whoohoooooo

Jeri 2013-01-03 7:40pm

Hi Guys, I will see you there, but I'm not teaching or vending! I'm actually going to see the show, hang out with friends, and maybe take a class.......I can't decide. See you there, I hear sign ups have been brisk! Jeri

deb c 2013-01-04 7:58pm

Hi Catharine! Catharine's classes rock too...great beginner & sculpture classes and she is such a talented and patient teacher!
Jeri, that is great...what a concept....just going for fun sounds heavenly!

Will be great to see you all there...hope I didn't miss anyone...ALL the classes are a blast!
deb ;)

GLASSFREEK 2013-01-08 7:29pm

Me and Pam are gonna pop in and say hi to all.


zen-mom 2013-01-08 7:42pm


Originally Posted by GLASSFREEK (Post 4207745)
Me and Pam are gonna pop in and say hi to all.


Woo hoo! =)

LisaSt.Martin 2013-01-10 9:23am

I love this show ..I've been teaching here for quite a few (12+) years and I always look forward to it.

I'll be teaching 4 classes this year:

Beginning Lampwork Beads
Victorian Flowers
Mastering Dichro
Exotic Silver Glass - new class...all about the Double Helix. Tag, Bella Donna and more - YUM!

jump in and join the fun!!


pattyglass 2013-01-23 2:53pm

Glass Craft & Bead Expo Las Vegas
I can't wait to see everyone... out of all the shows I do GC&BE is my ultimate favorite one.........I love and miss you throughout the year...... April hurry up and get here...
See you all real soon...

smpalmer85 2013-03-08 1:23pm

glass craft expo
Found out about this event 3 days ago from a bethlehem facebook posting. Had to act fast and just got permission from work to take some vacation so I will see you all soon!

Always wanted to visit Las Vegas and, since there aren't many teachers in my area, I can't resist this opportunity to take classes and see all the glass creations and tools. Super excited!

I'm now signed up for four classes:
Beginning Dichro Marbles -WED
Joy of Stringer - THUR
Dichroic Luster Fish and Turtle Beads - FRI
Coldworking - SAT

For those of you that have been there before... Any recommendations on where to stay and what to do? I should have a few days before or after the convention to see the city.

I should have a rental car.

So far I'm grabbing tickets to Beatles Love and am leaning towards splitting my stays between a few locations - for instance the Venetian and Marriott's Grand Chateau.

Would love any suggestions!

*ShirlAnn* 2013-03-11 4:46pm

I asked for information about this show in Las Vegas, but all I can find is postings by people who are going. How do I find out about the show catalog, the dates, where held, etc.?

zen-mom 2013-03-11 4:47pm

BeadBlossoms 2013-03-12 2:53pm

I'm going too! My husband has a trade show in Las Vegas at the same time, so the hotel is paid for :) I've signed up for 2 of Deb Crowley's classes, Dichroic Luster Fish and Turtle Beads, and the blown seashell. So SMpalmer35, I'll see you in the fish class.

It's all very last minute for me, I just signed up for the classes yesterday. Took the last spot in the fish class, lol.

I didn't even know about the show. But when hubby said he'd be in Vegas that week on business it all came together!

melody 2013-03-13 1:52pm

Leaving in exactly 3 weeks - it's getting closer....

SMpalmer it is so much easier to just stay at the South Point (where the show is taking place) It is only $50/nite and $90 on Friday and Saturday. We always rent a car as it is out a ways! Lots to do and see. Sounds like you will be pretty tired after all of those classes....

deb c 2013-03-14 9:54pm

SMPalmer, cool! You are in my luster and dichroic fish class too, sweet! I look forward to meeting you and Donna too, have been chatting with her, can't wait! I love this show, after Glass Stock festivals this is my next favorite event of year!

Emerald Suites is right down the street, walkable for sure and a little less $.

See you all very soon!
woohoo, 2 weeks of SUN, a week of glass and good friends, then another 8 days with some longtime friends there!
Hugs, deb ;)

Mountain Lady 2013-03-15 9:32am

Hi Deb, I hope to be able to pop in and say Hi to you. The fish you did for Candy is just gorgeous!!

deb c 2013-03-15 12:17pm

Lezlie, you sweetie pie, thank you so much! I asked her to thank you for the referral...please do stop in! I am always in my classroom until Sunday, then you may catch me at the booth B1 after my shopping on Sunday afternoon. I am buying 2 more paragon kilns there plus some other things I need, lol, so best bet is my classroom.
Big hugs! deb ;)

FiredDesires 2013-03-16 8:57am

woohooooooo, the show is getting closer can't wait to see everyone..the one and only show I do each year. I have a couple openings in my Beyond the Basics & Wonderful Whimsicals classes if there are any folks still trying to decide. Good for you peeps who will spend a day with Deb, she's a great teacher and you'll learn some serious goodness. See everyone in a couple weeks!
catharine weaver

deb c 2013-03-17 11:26am

Thanks Catherine, her classes are awesome too, she is an exceptional teacher!
See you soon Catherine...we'll do a nice dinner...can't wait to see you and Wyatt!
Hugs! ;)

playingwithfirebeads 2013-03-23 8:24am

Hi Deb,

Michelle and I are coming for our first time. We'll find you. Maybe we can buy you a drink.


LisaSt.Martin 2013-03-24 1:04pm

Hi everyone...

There is a few seats left in my dichro and my silver glass classes....

Don't forget to make your shuttle reservations to get to the South Point from the airport. Call the hotel's easy and FREE!!! YEAH

see ya all soon,


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