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NancySellsGlass 2008-01-25 12:02pm

Cabin Retreat VI!

It's time to begin plans for the 2008 Cabin Retreat!! The dates are a week earlier this year, May 16 ~18 ... For those of you who are new, this will be the 6th time we've met at a beautiful log lodge in Big Rapids, MI which is about 1 hour north of Grand Rapids. It has 3 bedrooms and a large sleeping loft. For our retreat we'll be limiting the number of glasser's actually staying at the cabin to 30. There are enough beds and cots to sleep about 20 I think. The last 10 will need to bring their own cot or air mattress. There is also room for a few tents to be pitched on the property - so if that is an option for you we can allow several of those as well. And finally, there are several hotels within a 10 - 15 minute drive for those who would like to drive in during the day.

Okay, now the $$ details. We changed a few things in back 2005 and they worked so well that we’ll be doing it again this year. I will be bringing up a couple of my friends to cater our meals and clean up the cabin on Sunday. And I will also rent the oxygen from a local company who will deliver to the cabin so we don't have to worry about people transporting their tanks.

The costs are as follows:

For those staying or tenting at the cabin: $100 per person. That includes two nights lodging, Friday dinner, meals on Saturday, and breakfast and lunch on Sunday.

For those staying at a hotel: $50 per person which includes Friday dinner, meals on Saturday, and breakfast and lunch on Sunday.

For those coming on Saturday only: $25 per person which includes meals for the day.

And now the rest of the details: I need you to initial and sign a copy of the “Rules for the Cabin” and enclose it with your check. I’m hoping that will help everyone understand the premise of what our retreat is all about! ;-)

Cancellation policy: No refunds after 4/28/08, before that there will be a $25 cancellation fee. If you can find someone to take your place - great! But I will not be responsible for finding that person and you will need to arrange the payment details as well as notify me of the change.

PM me for my mailing address.

Sleeping space in the cabin will be on a first $$, first bed basis. I will assign spots as I receive your reservations.

Can't wait to see you all! :D

2008 Cabin guests... so far!

Paula Canant
Lori Greenberg
Chris Dalrymple
Terry Williams
Jim Booger
Sheryl Booger
Hannah Booger
Lisa Reddick
Deb Harlan
Robin Jorrey
Dawn Ceccacci
Sharlyn Premuda
Nancy Peterson
Tina Bazzett
Barb Reed
Rosemary Cheslock
Rose Hanus

Anne Ricketts 2008-01-25 1:52pm

Where do you fly into if coming from out of town?

IF-Designs 2008-01-25 1:57pm

grand rapids would probally be your closest airport....

NancySellsGlass 2008-01-25 2:11pm

Oh Anne! Would you... might you.... could you?! :D Karen's right - GR is the closest. And it just so happens I could pick you up!

Anne Ricketts 2008-01-25 2:13pm

I would soooo love to finally get there, maybe this can be the year!

Mustang Dawn 2008-01-25 2:44pm


Originally Posted by Anne Ricketts (Post 1608189)
I would soooo love to finally get there, maybe this can be the year!

Anne you will have a blast! We all ways do....

Hi Nancy, This looks like a popular weekend. I hope to make it. I just have to clear it with my DH....that is his birthday weekend.


glassjones 2008-01-25 7:46pm

Oh boy....gonna try and make it this year!

LoriGreenberg 2008-01-25 7:51pm

You know I'm there! (if Nancy's still my friend since I don't answer my phone and I've disappeared lately). :) it! I fly in from Arizona, drop the kids with my family in Indiana and drive up. It's worth every minute of the trip! Grand Rapids airport is fast and easy, too.

Anne Ricketts 2008-01-25 8:29pm

Well I hope airline flights drop.......dramatically by then! I just checked out for those dates and dayum!! :jawdrop:

NancySellsGlass 2008-01-25 8:43pm

Lalalalalalala.... There will probably be folks coming from the east side Anne. Try Detroit? LISA!! How are you? And yes Lori darlin'... you're still my buddy! Now where's that belated Christmas present g/f? :p

LoriGreenberg 2008-01-25 11:10pm

it's still brewin.

i have that special one for paula too, but don't tell.

you guys thinking about it have to make it! If i wouldn't have gone I wouldn't have as many good friends as I do now. Michigan people are just soooo nice. And so are those ohio ones. I hope Boogers get the message! What's a cabin retreat without a couple boogers?

LoriGreenberg 2008-01-25 11:11pm

And hey, all you cabin retreat veterans...what are some of the highlights you remember from years past? Tell me yours and I'll tell you mine.

chrisdd 2008-01-26 7:37am

YAY!!! I am SO in!!! I had a blast last year and can't wait to see everyone again.

one-eared pig 2008-01-26 7:40am

wwaahhhhhh! I don't think I can go! I'm going to miss you guys!


KayTStudio 2008-01-26 7:45am

I so need to do this. I used to live in Big Rapids - it's gorgeous there!
Anne, check the flights coming into Detroit Metro airport. Those might be a little more reasonable. And if I go I would pick you up.

Mustang Dawn 2008-01-26 7:56am


Originally Posted by one-eared pig (Post 1609407)
wwaahhhhhh! I don't think I can go! I'm going to miss you guys!


Double Wwaahhhhh...... Positive thoughts.... I know I can, I know I can :) I hope you can make it :)

bolimasa 2008-01-26 8:38am

I wanna come this year... so whats the chance I can find cheap airfare? (or convince the ex to give me a frequent flier ticket I think he has one and I don't) .... I need a better job - argh!! Or figure out to sell beads better!

Deb 2008-01-26 9:37am

Seriously, make it if you can! It is a blast! Great demos, lots of glass to melt, beautiful location, wonderful people, and TABLE NACHOS!!! :D

blondewants2bead 2008-01-26 9:42am

I want to go so badly!! I tried for two years in a row and something kept happening! The last time my son had Scarlet Fever..........hmm will have to see if my ex would watch him.

NancySellsGlass 2008-01-26 9:43am

...lalalalalalalala... :D We'll miss you Melissa...

Deb 2008-01-26 9:53am

Lisa, try to make it. You will have so much fun!

KayTStudio 2008-01-26 9:56am

Oooh, I mentioned this to dh and he wants to come too! Since we lived there he still has some friends that he'd like to visit. Which means if we can swing it at all we'll need to stay at a hotel. I'm saving my pennies now!! :)

debkauz 2008-01-26 10:02am

Nancy, sent you a PM. :)

debkauz 2008-01-26 11:41pm

Do you do anything besides glass? I have a lot of pMC stuff and a PMC kiln. Just thinkin....and chainmaille....i have lots of chainmialle stuff I could bring. Soldering...I'm not great but I could show people how to solder the right way. Don't worry, I won't bring it all. like I said...just thinkin.

Mustang Dawn 2008-01-27 6:05am

Deb, we have done a lot of different things at the cabin....Knitting, chainmaille, kumokemo (sp?), wireworking, seedbeading (all kinds). We have not done PMC to the best of my knowledge. We soldered a few years ago and that was a fun time too. We made glass slide strip pendants :) I'm probably forgetting a few things....


Robinj 2008-01-27 7:25am

I would LOVE if someone did a basic hands-on PMC and soldering!

I'm always amazed by how broad everyone's knowledge is -- there are people who are knowledgeable on almost anything you can think of!

Deb 2008-01-27 7:44am


Originally Posted by debkauz (Post 1610791)
Don't worry, I won't bring it all. like I said...just thinkin.

Bring it all! Bring it all! :grin:

Deb 2008-01-27 7:48am

I could do a silver core demo. I already did one at Barb's, but if there is interest I could do another one.

Solana 2008-01-27 7:50am

I wish I could split myself in two and go to both retreats! We totally need to do a MI vs MO retreat challenge! :D

debkauz 2008-01-27 9:31am

Karla,I know! I decided last year that I would go to this one this year if they'd have me but I really want to come to the Mo one too. Well, it can be MO next year.

I'd be happy to do PMC. Last year I did it in MO and it was a little too chaotic. I'd need to limit it to maybe 6 or 8 people actually doing it but anyone could come in and watch. I'd do the PMC buy too and basically give people my price for PMC. It's just what people there want. As the first timer I don't want to butt into what you already have planned. I'll volunteer to do a chainmaille class as well if anyone is interested in that. It'll be simple beginning maille, nothing too fancy.

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