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patsy lee m 2011-05-10 4:50pm

Dan Adams/ Cynthia Toops June - Arrowmont
I am trying to reach Maribeth- GA for this class, there are just a few spots still open... Maribeth.. you better see this and CALL soon! [& write me about riding together]

This is enamel on lampwork and was shown on the cover of The Glass Bead Fall 2010. They demo'ed it at the NY show :> is the info site

Their collaboration is awesome and a new way of thinking. I have taken classes from both individually---- Dan -lampwork, Cynthia- polymer... and to see them both working in the same media is thrilling.

Class is designed for all levels.

glassygear 2011-05-11 2:45pm

OMG. Sometimes being in the UK gives me serious envy. I wish I could do this class. You dont know how lucky you are to have so many talented teachers over there.

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