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SuzyQ 2015-05-08 4:45am

ISGB Book The Art of Glass wants you!
The International Society of Glass Beadmakers invites glass artists to submit work for the upcoming new publication, The Art of Glass - Flameworking Volume 1, due out fall 2015.

In 2014, the ISGB updated its mission to not only support the art of glass beadmaking, but the art of all glass forms. The Art of Glass - Flameworking Volume 1 celebrates diverse works created by glass flameworking techniques. All glass artists are welcome to submit images of their work for consideration in the style of glass beads, sculpture, marbles, pipes, millefiore, glassware, wearable jewelry, and more. The publication is open to all flameworked glass art and current membership in ISGB is not required.

The ISGB is an Ohio-based non-profit organization. Its mission is to preserve the rich and diverse traditions of the art of glass beadmaking and glassworking techniques; promote educational initiatives and professional development; and encourage innovative use of complementary mediums among artists and craftspeople. Please note that all net proceeds from the publication will benefit the organization's mission.

Artists can select a half page showcase or a full page showcase. The fee for a half page is $50 and a full page is $95. Showcase samples are located here and you will be asked to select one when making your purchase. Each participant in the publication will receive a complimentary digital version of the book. Print on demand and e-books will also be available to the public for purchase.

SuzyQ 2015-06-26 4:47pm

Still accepting submissions!

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