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brightglass 2012-02-20 10:34pm

Oxygen Tank Ownership (Size T)

My name is Stacy and I have neen working in warm glass for almost a year now. For 5-6 years before that i did stained glass. I started with a fat boy and a plumbling torch from Harbor Freight (yes, it can be done) and have since moved on to a Nortel Minor Bench Burner. My question isn't about the torch, but the oxygen tanks.

I started out with a size B, 20 cf tank. Through a lot of searching I actually found and bought a size "T" tank. At 330cf, I believe it is the largest tank you can get. I had no issues with the tank. Its like the propane, you take it in to exchange it and they give you a new one. Not only that but the B tank exchange is $17 and the T tank is $23.

The problem today was the exchange. When my husband went in to exchange the tank the guy running the counter told him that the tank was stolen! Apparently according to this guy no one anywhere ever is allowed to own a size t tank. You can only lease them from the company.

Now, in looking at some of the welding forums that my husband goes to, they talk all the time about lease vs. buy. None of them talk about not being allowed to own a tank. I know in some states you actually get a title to the tank like a car.

Has anyone ever heard of not being able to own an oxygen tank? I am inclined to think that the guy was being a horses rear end. He did exchange the tank, I think he was trying to swindle my husband into paying for a lease.

Have any of you ran into anything like this?



LarryC 2012-02-20 11:03pm

I own two K tanks outright and have been offered swaps to T size tanks as well. I live in northern california.

Lorraine Chandler 2012-02-20 11:08pm

I own my tank as well, also from northern ca.

purpledragonfly 2012-02-20 11:41pm

I own two tanks as well but unsure of the size. I am in New Orleans, la

Dale M. 2012-02-21 8:04am

Counter people are trying to rope you into a contract... Find different supplier...


RSimmons 2012-02-21 9:20am

I've got K tanks from the only game in town. They only lease tanks that size, won't sell. I've been all the way up the food chain and that's what I'm stuck with. At least it's not too expensive and they deliver.


cheng076 2012-02-21 11:10am

I own 4 'K' tanks, 2 150 cf tanks, one Argon and 1 CO2 mix, and 2 acetylene tanks. In the Seattle area.

What Dale says!


Silberrucken 2012-02-21 12:22pm

A "true" Customer Owned Cylinder "COC" will have nothing stamped on its neck. There are a number of exceptions to this general rule. Markings such as "US ARMY" can be legitimate surplus, or ownership by Union Carbide who is out of the business is absolutely Ok. Anybody that sells gas should have a very large book with all the ownership codes. With gas companies being bought up by larger companies any given company (such as PraxAir) may own rights to bottles from hundreds of different smaller outfits.

If my memory serves me there is only one tank that is "rental only" and it is 150cu ft - slightly larger than our loved K size tanks. The 330cu ft "T" an be either rental or customer owned per DOT regulations. Proving you really own it if there is nothing stamped on the enck is a no-brainer. However if you exchange an empty true customer bottle for a full one with neck markings you are likely sol...

CelesteK 2012-02-21 5:03pm

I use an "S" tank and I own it...of course, when I take it in to be refilled, I don't get the one I had, but a different one that's full.

5betsy 2012-02-22 7:44am

I was told the same thing that Silberrucken said. My guy at Praxair showed me his book and where to look on the tanks because I was considering buying from someone on Craigslist. I ended up with an oxycon instead.

Silberrucken 2012-02-22 8:14am


Originally Posted by 5betsy (Post 3904802)
I ended up with an oxycon instead.

Yup. You can buy a refurbished M20 from Unlimited Oxygen and run anything up to a midrange torch. Sure you can pick up something off CL, but refurbed you get a warranty and support. That to me is worth a lot. It will pay for its self in a year or two. If you are running some serious heat tanked gas (or liquid) is the way to go

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