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janicepeacock 2012-09-02 5:23pm

Chili Pepper - Buying one used
Hi all,

I've been looking to buy a new toolbox-style kiln...I found someone who wants to sell their Chili Pepper kiln - they bought it and never used it. I'd gotten the impression that since they said that it was brand-new that it was a year or two old. When I asked to see the receipt from when they purchased it - they had purchased it in 2008. So, a 4 your old kiln. It is brand new in the box and clearly never been used.

Some questions: Is the current Chili Pepper model the same as a Chili Pepper from 4+ years ago? That is, does anyone know if the kiln has changed/gotten better or worse in the last several years?

They want $500 for it. Does this seem reasonable given the age of the kiln, and the fact that it has never been used?



tavy 2012-09-02 5:32pm

I can't answer your 'age' question. I happened to be looking at Chili Peppers online today. I see one at with a digital controler for $575 new, $485 without the digital controler. So, I guess it depends on whether it is digital. :-)

PittsGlass 2012-09-02 6:18pm

The warranty is expired, so that should account for some reduction in price. It would be up to you as to what that is worth compared to a covered kiln. Otherwise it should be about equal in value to a new one if it is in factory condition.

Lyssa 2012-09-04 6:18pm

A brand new kiln, in a box, in a closet, forgotten for 4 years. So sad.

janicepeacock 2012-09-04 6:27pm

Well, I bought it...and to re-programed it. Someone who did not know what they were doing had set it to silly things like ramp to 32 degree in 7 hours and hold for 0 minutes. Seems to work great, and glad to have rescued it from the darkness.

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