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caliente 2013-09-15 12:59pm

Is my idea elegant or just plain boring?
I have an idea for a bracelet for myself. I own a European bhb bracelet by a manufacturer who shall remain unnamed. I have a (not-so-well-formed) vision in my mind of making bhb's all in one solid colour for it. A white-ish colour like CIM Peace. I'm thinking maybe a couple of different shapes - donut, round - and some variations of encasing or etching. Some with raised clear dots. Do you think this will come out with a nice feel to it or just not have enough variety in it to be at all interesting?

I'm interested in your ideas and pics if you've done something similar!

swamper 2013-09-15 1:49pm

I love the idea of different shape in Peace. I think it fumes really pretty color with silver. Also, some goldstone would be pretty...very elegant.

caliente 2013-09-15 1:58pm

Ooh....I like the goldstone idea too. Thanks!

SuzyQ 2013-09-15 2:15pm

I think it will be elegant. It will be just like the dot challenge trying to come up with 15 or so different versions. But gosh, if you add goldstone I can think of so many pretty combinations! I want to see it when you are done.

caliente 2013-09-15 3:10pm

Me too, Suzy! I'm already coming up with more ideas...there could definitely be a lot of variety.

Gillianbeads 2013-09-15 3:18pm

Oh, it will look lovely!!
Here's an order I made for a customer last year...hollow but not BHBs. I used plain ole' white (Peace would be even better) with gold leaf and clear, raised scrollwork on top.

caliente 2013-09-15 3:23pm

Gillian, those are stunning! Thanks for posting!

Gillianbeads 2013-09-15 4:41pm

Thanks Melody!

peggy593 2013-09-15 6:28pm

Love your poll choices. I wanted to vote for #4 just because it made me laugh! I miss you!

caliente 2013-09-15 6:39pm

Ha! I miss you too, Peggy. Can't wait until we can get together again!

I voted for number 4. You can't see the poll results automatically until you vote. Thought I'd vote for that one so as not to skew results too much.

MrsD 2013-09-15 11:23pm

And I miss both of you - & also voted number 4 :lol: .

Lisi 2013-09-16 1:19am

Just because it's not fancy dancy doesn't mean it couldn't be elegant. A long time ago I made a custom 18" necklace with plain black traditional round "spacer" beads, graduating in sizes from the smallest of 6mm all the way up to 15mm for the center bead. In between each bead were graduated sizes of brushed 14K gold round beads, from 2mm all the way up to 10mm. Very elegant, and I got a pretty penny for this piece. I used to have a photo of it but I don't anymore.

Edited: I meant that the 14K beads were 14K GF! lol!

eregel 2013-09-16 2:42pm

Simple does not necessarily mean boring. I think simple is elegant.

queenofsheba52 2013-09-16 3:09pm

^^this^^ I agree that it is a great idea! Do it! :-)


caliente 2013-09-16 3:55pm

Thanks guys. I was eyeing up my Bullseye French Vanilla (I bought about 10 various rods of bullseye when I set up my studio and still have most of them...switched to 104) and it's the perfect colour. May try a bit of that.

KJohn 2013-09-17 7:45am

I always like it when someone says that name...."French Vanilla". It makes me totally want it.

allicat 2013-09-17 6:46pm

Just a thought, but what about including other types of beads (not just glass) in the same color family to kick up the interest?

Sort of like this: or this:


caliente 2013-09-17 7:13pm

There are other types of beads?? When did that happen?

allicat 2013-09-17 7:34pm

I'm sorry. Maybe I should have broken it to you a little more gently? Next time I'll try not to be so abrupt with such shocking news ;)


steiconi 2013-10-07 3:14pm

I made some ivory beads with clear stringer work melted in. It gives a great tone-on-tone effect with depth, all while being simple and sleek.

Based on that, I think your idea should be subtly stunning.

caliente 2013-10-07 4:47pm

Excellent! Now to find the perfect white without venturing into a new COE!

allicat 2013-10-07 5:26pm

What about using an enamel?

caliente 2013-10-07 5:34pm

Now to find the perfect white without venturing into a new COE or enamels!

allicat 2013-10-07 5:35pm


wendbill 2013-10-09 1:55am

so I keep checking in to see how progress is going 8)

caliente 2013-10-09 2:47am

Now I'm searching for the perfect 104 white to make it happen!

wendbill 2013-10-09 3:42am

There is no perfect anything.... Unless you have a specific outfit in mind no one else will know if you have the perfect shade or not.

caliente 2013-10-09 5:40am

I love BE French Vanilla. It's the perfect colour but I was hoping not to have to venture in to another COE. I might just do it, though. A friend of mine is sending me another 104 to test out so if that doesn't work, I'll spring for the BE FV and clear and go for it.

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