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shawnette 2013-11-17 9:52pm

Glaskolben video posted
Blowing Glaskolben on a surface mix torch:

wendbill 2013-11-17 11:54pm

That was interesting!

Sovay 2013-11-18 12:00am

Thanks for making that video, Shawnette!

fusionillusionartglass 2013-11-18 9:16am

Thanks Shawnette!

jeepinwelch 2013-11-18 3:06pm

Perfect timing. I was just given a few to try and figure out so I can show it to the class at the school I work at (if I can learn it that fast!). I appreciate the demo! Thank you!

Listenup 2013-11-18 8:16pm

Way too cool, thanks.

Deb L 2013-11-19 6:35am

You make it look so easy. Now I want to try.

glvz 2013-11-22 5:34pm

Thanks, Shawnette! I think yours was the only video I watched where the glaskolben was blown in stages as you did it. This might help solve the problem of alien creatures I've been having.


lenora 2013-11-22 7:28pm

My second attempt was much more successful!

BeadBlossoms 2013-11-23 5:48pm

Shawnette, you are like a Secret Santa all year long. I'm forever amazed how giving you are to the lampworking community - I always appreciate you posts, tut, etc. so much, as I'm sure do others. You are awesome girl!

shawnette 2013-11-28 4:54am

Thank you! :)

Jupiter 2013-11-28 5:02am

Excellent video, thanks Shawnette.

isaberg 2013-11-30 11:28pm

That video answers so many questions I had! Thanks!

volkanokaren 2013-12-02 1:08pm

Oh my Shawnette you are just a doll. That is such a wonderful vid. i will be trying this for next year. Here is to wishing you and yours peace and happiness this season and for the New Year too.

volkano Exotik


QuiteCuntrary 2013-12-02 2:35pm

Wow, I've always wondered about these. Thanks for the vid!

queenofsheba52 2013-12-02 4:16pm

Hope you do another glaskolben bulk buy next year!


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