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LAJ 2014-06-05 5:03pm

Double Helix is awesome!!!
I recently placed a small order & remembered finally to write & let DH know about an issue I had with their frit container. It's super easy to see the contents. However, I dropped my jar of aurae on the cement floor & needless to say, it shattered. I was so upset! I tried to salvage what I could, but was afraid it might have dirt &/or gravel mixed in. I wrote to ask if they might consider switching to plastic or metal containers. I got a swift & courteous response from Julie:

"We tried plastic and found that we melted it several times on the flame working table. We also tried metal and found that little bits of frit would also get in the lid threads and then we couldn't open it. That's how we ended up with glass."

So, OK, I thought to myself. I just need to be extra careful in the future. To my surprise, they sent me a whole new jar to replace it. Now THAT'S customer service for ya! :love:

KJohn 2014-06-05 5:07pm

Wow, that is great!

angelique_redhead 2014-06-05 5:58pm

Their customer service is exceptional. :love: Angelique

SGA 2014-06-05 7:44pm

I did that with a jar of Aether. Same thing, I tried. I even washed and washed and washed. No go, it was ruined.

I tossed it up as my mistake since it came through shipping fine and promised myself to do better.

But Jed and Julie are awesome! :)

LAJ 2014-06-05 7:46pm

Agree Shardi! I was just writing to see if they might consider switching to plastic or metal. next thing I know they sent a replacement. Very sweet of them to do that.

upinflames 2014-06-27 6:46pm

They are awesome! I am never disappointed with their products or service!

frano 2014-07-09 9:38am

I agree they rock! And they ship super fast fast!! Francesca

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