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ginkgoglass 2014-06-17 2:32pm

What to do with Rainbow Twisties
Hi glassy friends,
As most of you know I am more comfortable with boro but lately have been dabbling in soft glass even though it makes me nervous.

I actually made some decent rainbow twisties and was wondering what to do with them. They look great as a twisty, but once I put them on a bead they lose the defined colors and get all mixed up. Should I do a pleated bead? How do you use them in the best way to show the rainbow colors? Please show pics if you have them.

Thanks, Lana

28676bhe 2014-06-17 2:41pm

Are the encased in clear, individually?

ginkgoglass 2014-06-17 2:44pm


Originally Posted by 28676bhe (Post 4610493)
Are the encased in clear, individually?

I encased the whole gather in clear before I pulled it. Is that good?

Michele R. 2014-06-17 4:17pm

When I end up with a bunch I don't have a specific use for, I make them into snakes for BOC...

I know that's not exactly what you were asking ;)

Beatrix92 2014-06-17 4:32pm

those are so stinking cute!

Eileen 2014-06-17 4:43pm

Did you use transparent or opaque colors, and on what core? I've had some do well & some not so much.
I have better luck with the opaques. I made a button & used one as the outer rim, left pretty round, and it did OK. Some BOC beads too, not that either is perfect, but they kept the rainbow colors better than the transparent colors for me.

I think these were made with opaques, not 100% sure though.
a button:

& one of these:

Kalorlo 2014-06-18 4:54am

If you want them to look like they do as a twistie rather than spreading out on the bead surface, keep them raised instead of melting them all the way in. You can also use an opaque core under your transparents to stop the back stripes showing through, if that's what is making it muddy.

ginkgoglass 2014-06-18 6:47am

I used a white core and a combo of transparent and opaque. Thanks everyone for your answers!

jaci 2014-06-25 7:01am

I make the rainbow twisties the same general way. I put clear between the colors sometimes, sometimes just corresponding transparents. Anyways... I lay it down w/o pulling, and then press it down a little with a marver and put a strip of clear over it then slowly melt it in and press gently so it's not distorted too much. Sometimes I put the clear on before I marver the twistie. Slices make cool murnini too, or the push n twist dots. Keep cool controlled heat either way.

bshelle 2014-06-25 2:20pm

I like to make earrings out of mine:

jaci 2014-06-25 7:31pm

Very cute Shelley !

bshelle 2014-06-26 8:55am

Thanks Jaci!

Lisi 2014-06-26 3:24pm

Try encasing each of the colors in clear. That should keep them separated. :)

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