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MrsD 2014-08-14 7:42am

Custom Order Request
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I got a message on Etsy the other day for a custom order that I don't feel comfortable doing. The lady said she bought these beads somewhere years ago & would like them recreated. She can't remember where she got them. Anyway I told her that I couldn't do the job but that I would ask around & see if anyone else could do it for her.

So here are the beads, she said that the larger cylindrical shaped ones are about 1/3 of an inch long. Anyone willing to make her some similar, let me know & I will put you in contact with her.

MrsD 2014-08-17 5:59pm

Come on, no one out there could make something similar to this? Or are you all thinking the same thing I am when you look at those beads? :lol:

Angie09 2014-08-17 6:16pm

She contacted me too. She wasn't happy with my answer that I couldn't do it.

KJohn 2014-08-17 10:15pm

Robyn, what are you thinking?

MrsD 2014-08-18 12:45am

Angie, wow, she was OK when I said I couldn't do them, but I did say I would ask to find out if anyone I knew would be willing to do it. Maybe she won't be so nice when I say I couldn't find anyone to do it :-# .

Kristen, I'm thinking that they look like cheap chinese knockoffs. :shock: :oops: :lol:

CrassGlass 2014-08-18 6:08am

Am I missing a joke or something here? That's just a latticino wrapped around a blue core, right?

MagpieGlass 2014-08-18 7:20am

If she is being snarky about people saying they can't or won't do them.

I'd run, run, run the other way. Custom orders can be so touchy to start with ... don't need a snarky customer to boot.

Color isn't quite right, spacing isn't quite right. Your pink is lighter/darker ... yada yada yada. Just say no. Or quote some fabulously paying quote ... because the pain of the job is going to be well worth the extra money.

theglasszone 2014-08-18 4:05pm

I'm with Laura... :(

brendah 2014-08-18 4:35pm

I think I have some just like those that I bought in a package from Joann's or Beverly's (one of the craft stores around here) before I knew what Lampworked beads Really looked like.
Yep, I'm guessing they're cheap knockoffs too.

Angie09 2014-08-18 5:10pm

Yep, and she was SNARKY! This is me running ..... away.......

MrsD 2014-08-18 6:43pm

Wow Angie, thanks for letting me know. I wouldn't want to pass her on if she's going to be like that, I will just tell her I couldn't find anyone.

Brendah, I'm glad it wasn't just me!

28676bhe 2014-08-18 6:58pm

Just tell her nobody wants to copy anyone else's work!

Ravenesque 2014-08-20 2:46am

Curious, did her name start with a "B"?

MrsD 2014-08-20 8:13pm

Ravenesque, no. :)

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