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Aaronfalagan 2015-12-22 4:27pm

what mm for spoons?
Hi all. I don't see much talk on here about pipes and bongs, so i hope it is not against any rules. My question is what mm tubing + wall thickness you use for the average spoon?

jamie lynne 2015-12-22 7:07pm

It's not against the rules, but the board is predominantly bead makers, and soft glass bead makers at that. I think the talkglass site is more geared to boro, pipes and such.

gmkcpa 2015-12-22 8:27pm

I think the boro site is most geared to boro, and this IS the boro site. Over the past 7-8 years or so, on this site, I learned how to improve my marbles, pendants and beads, all in boro. (I never worked soft glass). Welcome to the Dark Side. I don't know why they call it that, but welcome anyways.

LarryC 2015-12-22 9:13pm

I like simax 25mm heavy for spoons.

menty666 2015-12-23 5:09pm

Yep, typically 25x4 is what folks go with.

Cosmo 2015-12-24 7:57am

Depends on what I'm making. For surface work stuff then usually 26x4. For inside out I generally go with 36-44.

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