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Snakebite69 2017-10-24 6:47pm

Best learnt books
Hi I want to learn drum books I have the Cindy Jenkins books which is great I would like something in that category any suggestions would be helpful thank you

Snakebite69 2017-10-24 6:48pm

Hi I want some suggestions on books that teach you I have Cindy Jerkins book which I very much love any other suggestions would be appreciated thank you

greghumphrey 2017-10-24 7:08pm

Passing The Flame by Corrina Tettenger is good and so is Drew Frits Marbles.

Eileen 2017-10-24 8:25pm

And don't forget to check you local library. I found a couple there.

Nannie 2017-10-25 12:50am

Passing The flame is great

KJohn 2017-10-25 3:48am

Don't forget Youtube! Lots of stuff up there now, great to watch someone actually doing the techniques.

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