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Larysa 2019-02-10 7:09pm

New CIM color elixir sparkle
Tried new CIM color elixir sparkle. Looks very pretty in the rod, but turned dark in the bead. I am on NG/oxycon, and the bead is small just to try the design. Here what I got:

Anybody got it right, sparkle green ?

PattyK 2019-02-11 1:49am

still a lovely shade of green but too bad it darkens so much .. gorgeous bead!

It looks like lots of folks are getting the same results you did:

Larysa 2019-02-11 5:54am

Thank you, Patty !
I thought it's a new color. Might use it for spacers then.
I will try mixing aventurine with transparent green if I can get sparkly green.

PattyK 2019-02-11 6:53am

Good idea! I have encased goldstone in bright transparents (for stringer) and it worked really well. Do please show what you come up with!

Larysa 2019-02-11 10:21am

I sure will, Patty !
It's on my list for today.

Robin Passovoy 2019-02-11 12:45pm

That's probably the goldstone in it. I've noticed that if thin applications of goldstone are overheated, they can go dark and greenish, due to those metallic flakes being basically copper dust. Try working it slow and cool, and perhaps encasing it?

Larysa 2019-02-11 6:45pm

Robin, I think so too, the sparkles are actually aventurine dust.
I tried encasing piece of aventurine and it turned out sparkly, will see how it did in the bead after annealing in the morning.
Here is a crosscut of elixir sparkle rod compared to encased aventurine.
But I still would like that misty look.

Larysa 2019-02-12 7:47am

Here is how aventurine in transparent green looks after annealing. Sparkles nicely. But there is a lot of it.

I will try elixir sparkle in cooler flame next.

rainygrrl 2019-02-12 1:18pm

Larysa, thanks so much for posting your test results! Beautiful beads!

If you want less sparkle, you might be able to make it less dense by starting with a transparent core, green or maybe even clear, and encasing it with your green goldstone stringer before pulling into another stringer. I havenít tried this myself, but it seems feasible.

Larysa 2019-02-12 5:41pm

Thank you, Roberta. That's a good idea.
I will be trying and trying. I really want to make elixir or something similar work. Will post if get any success.

carolinesbeads 2019-03-10 8:41pm

I tested the Elixir sparkle before it was released. Mine all turned a darker more olive green with not much sparkle.

Larysa 2019-03-11 5:53am

I will be using plain Elixir for now, might add some yellow dichro for sparkle.

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