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deb c 2014-01-28 9:44am

Glass Stock East in NJ, Oct 1-5th, Sign up open!
Hi everyone!
This last year flew by and sign up is now open for Glass Stock East in NJ! Oct 1st is the Meet and Greet, the 2-5th for the festival. It will be held at Carlisle School of Glass Art in Millville, NJ again this year!

Tuition is being accepted now through Carlisle (800-922-1167), but please make sure you have at least contacted us by May 1st to get the first newsletter with all the info. Those who have paid tuition by May 1st will automatically get the newsletters. Go to the websites below for more information!

Our featured artists are Amy Waldman-Smith and Jodie McDougall plus an amazing line of instructors, some new ones and lots of new classes! The new classes will be posted as of March 25th, you can see more info at or

We are looking forward to another great year, our 4rth annual event!
Keep your fire bright!
deb, Carlisle and the GS East team

deb c 2014-01-31 10:11am

Sign ups are going great already, don't miss your chance to become part of the GS east coast family! The sooner you sign up the better your class choices!
Hope to see you there,
deb and the GS East team

LisaSt.Martin 2014-03-11 1:39pm

I'm ready!…well…not really…

but I am teaching all NEW classes for GSEast this year…

making bead samples - so I can get the stuff off to Deb on time.

Looking forward to seeing everybody.



BeadBlossoms 2014-03-12 6:36am

I signed up last month :) I can't believe how much fun I had last year and all the wonderful people I met. And what a deal for so many classes! And Deb is the absolute best -

Can't wait for the new classes - Lisa how about your cool flowers for a class? Pretty please? I loved your class last year :)

deb c 2014-03-18 8:32pm

Hey from I'll never get it all done-ville! We are finally settling in! 27 day escrow on my house, moved in 9 days (1000 lbs of glass, rods, sheets, etc, full stained glass, fusing and lampworking studio plus 4 people's stuff!), did my taxes, previewed, selected and tweaked over 90 classes for GS East and West, made samples for Vegas class and booth fish, shells plus unpacking so I can pack again plus last 6 weeks doing my 15 auctions a week too! Plus went through 400 floppy discs (ugh but found some great pics and some interesting stuff!), went through 2000 Magic (MTG) cards, found one worth $600 (it is mint) and others for total in 8 cards of over $2K (that was a nice bonus!) Splurged on some new furniture, new bed (ahhh, Bed in a Box beds ROCK!) and managed to get a few curtains up, woohooo! We will be renting until I find another place to buy in the next year or so. For now a super comfy, BIG 4 br house with a basement to work in, yay!

ALL the classes will be up for East and West by March 25th....if you are staff PLEASE read today's email for proofing and selecting your favorite class before April 2nd!

There are over 40 new classes at West, 30 new at East, lots of new stuff to choose from!

Thank you to Carol who jumped in to teach this year, yay! Ok, maybe I helped a little with the jump, lol!

Donna, you gem of a woman! YOU are awesome! Lisa is doing some new classes but I bet you could talk her into doing her flowers one night! She is always willing to share, love that about Lisa! You will love her new classes!

BIG hugs all around, I will sure be celebrating in Vegas! Then a couple days in the casino hotel to rest and then off to see my first grandbaby (Zac, he is gorgeous!), daughter and SIL in Pittsburgh for a week. I will be hammering out schedules of classes for GS there and they will be posted by April 15th at the latest!

Yippy skippy! deb ;)

BeadBlossoms 2014-03-19 2:24pm

Deb, I've been thinking of you! So glad you are moving and happy! I signed up for GSE weeks ago with Carlisle - maybe the 1st person? Wanted to make sure I got 1st dibs on the classes I want to take. Looking forward to seeing some friends from last year again as well.

Can't wait to see the new classes - especially you and Lisa - you are both the most excellent teachers :)

deb c 2014-03-24 1:09pm

Thanks sweetie pie, I am excited for another great year too! I think you are 4rth which still gives you first choice on all the fabulous new classes, they should all be up now. I am in Vegas now enjoying all the sun, woohoo!
Hugs and wish you were here agin, now I have to wait to see you longer!

Shelle 2014-03-25 9:12am

I'm all signed up! Looking forward to picking classes - July 5th seems so far away, lol!

Flamin' Francesca 2014-03-26 1:09pm

What am I doing wrong? I tried the links on your website, Deb, but they don't seem to work. It's 26 March, and I was hoping to take a peek at the class offerings. Is there some other way to get to the website?

deb c 2014-04-01 3:12pm

Shelle, so glad to have you join the east coast family, July seems far away but at least you can ogle over all the great classes!
Flamin'Franchesca, there is a link on my site but you should be able to go to and click on Glass Stock east to see new classes for this year. I have a new website guru who is learning the GS ropes and I have been out of town for two weeks. I will be back home around the 10th or so if you are still having trouble seeing the classes. Hope to see you there and BTW, love your sig line quote!
Be back in about 10 days everyone, hugs! Deb. :)

deb c 2014-04-18 9:12am

My new grandson!
2 Attachment(s)
Hi everyone! Spring is in the air and sign ups are going great!

Thought I would share some pics of my new grandson, Zachary. He is 6 weeks old, it was SOOOO wonderful to hold him, a new generation, wow! He is such a good baby too! I miss him a lot already and it has only been 10 days....

Franchesca, were you able to see the new classes? If not let me know...there are so many new classes attendees are having a hard time trying to figure out which ones they want most!

BIG hugs, deb ;)

deb c 2014-05-19 3:04pm

Shelle, I just love your avatar pic, you will fit right in with all the fun!
Can't wait to meet you,
deb ;)

carlisleschoolofglassart 2014-05-30 6:51am

Hello from all of us here at Carlisle School of Glass Art!
We are all looking forward to being part of Glass Stock East again,
as we had such a great time the past 3 years!

Caring and knowledgeable teachers, sweet students, and fun activities make for an awesome fun time!

Currently we are split about 50/50 return students and newbies.

Hope to see you soon! :grin:

glasswhimz 2014-05-31 8:46am

I can't wait!!! such a great group of people one of my favorite events!

rusticstudio 2014-06-02 5:26pm

Hey kids! I'm going to attend GlassStock East this year for the first time! It'll be a bunch of firsts for me: first time in Philly, first time in Jersey, first time meeting a bunch of you! Cannot wait!

Here is a one sheet of the GSE schedule -- easy reference and can tuck it into your pocket.

Have fun choosing your classes! Don't worry, if East is anything like West, you can't go wrong!

deb c 2014-06-08 7:14am

AW, thanks Jody and Patty!
Thanks for the class forms too Patty, I know it will be handy for everyone!
First time in Philly, Jersey (Carlisle too, wait til you see the shop!) you are going to love it Patty! We are so glad to have you coming too, I know they are going to love your classes!

You girls rock, Ellie and all at Carlisle, you are awesome and we can't wait!
deb ;)

deb c 2014-06-17 2:39pm

Ok everyone, class selection is in a little over 2 weeks! Make sure you have selected some classes and alternates from the schedule at the bottom of the Glass Stock East page at I have everyone's phone number and will start calling at 10 am PST (1 pm east coast time) and will call up to 9pm your time.

If not done, we will continue on Sunday.

Patty, we are going to have to take you to the Lobster House....2 lb Maine lobsters for $25! (ok, you get potato and sides...but who has room?) We will show you some cool places too on Cape May! Hugs!

Flamin' Francesca 2014-06-18 3:39pm

I still have not had any luck getting to the site. The link does not seem to work from your site, Deb, nor does plugging in Not sure what the problem might be. Not a big deal as the timing is turning out to be bad anyway.

Flamin' Francesca 2014-06-18 5:10pm

Okay! i got it to work. I had to plug the URL into the browser because the link still didn't work, but just wanted you to know I got to it. Looks like lots of cool stuff too.

deb c 2014-06-21 3:18pm

Great, I am so glad! Sometimes it does go blank but for very short periods and only for some folks. Sorry about that! You really should come, it is a blast and I know you would have a super time!
deb ;)

LisaSt.Martin 2014-06-24 12:50pm

Lobster House. Lobster House....I'm ready to feast... Count me in!

Always ready to eat!



deb c 2014-06-24 7:56pm

Lisa, YES, YES, YES, we must do that again! And the zoo was fun ;)
We always have fun together!
xoxo deb

tweeky clothespin 2014-07-01 10:23am

I wasn't invited to any of that :-(. I guess it's ok, I don't eat lobster. But the invite would have been nice.

deb c 2014-07-08 9:42am

Aw Mary, it was before the event...on Tues. You're more than welcome, they have stuff besides lobster ;) Let us know if you can come in earlier, we even went to the zoo, that was really fun too, say you'll come with us!

AND sweetie, your roses class is almost full, yay!

We had class sign up last weekend and full or nearly full classes will be posted this week by my web master ;) It sure was fun talking with everyone!

What a great line up, if anyone is interested please go to and click on GS East at Carlisle Machine, come melt some glass with us and have FUN!
Hugs, deb and the GS East family

deb c 2014-08-04 6:48am

Everyone should have gotten the monthly newsletter, don't forget to work on those jammies and HATS! Some great prizes again this year!
Also, please remember to check the tool list for the classes you chose, they are just under descriptions. Make sure you have the tools needed and that they are marked well!
Woohoo, less than 2 months to go!
deb ;)

dehoffa 2014-08-28 6:57pm

I am so ready. I'm on the road every week until Glass Stock East. AND all of October.

Nitadee 2014-09-02 11:35am

I wish I could fly! (in an airplane that is)
Have fun everyone!!! Color me green with envy

tweeky clothespin 2014-09-14 11:37am

Anyone else excited??

jeepinwelch 2014-09-15 6:10am


Originally Posted by Nitadee (Post 4645541)
I wish I could fly! (in an airplane that is)
Have fun everyone!!! Color me green with envy

I wish I could get on that plane with you! I hope it is as wonderful for everyone as Glass Stock West was.

deb c 2014-09-15 7:55am

WOOOHOOOO! Getting super excited to do it all again, love me my East coast GS family too! Wish you girls could fly too, this is so much fun! Miss you girls already! Jody, you best be submittin' a class next March 1st...mmmkay?

Mary, can't wait to give you a big hug sweetie! Are you coming in early? We are trying to go to the Lobster House and the zoo again Tues, hope you'll come!

Packing all the glass tonight and tomorrow, thankful for Flat Rate!
xoxo deb ;)

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