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kmd 2014-04-03 10:54pm

Jupiter Storm help
This looked interesting, a neutral beige with an orange blush. Except I cant get it to change colour at all. Have heated it to soupy, cooled , heated again. Nothing, nada, nix. Stays stubbornly neutral. Anybody out there had more success? Help!


ROC 2014-04-04 1:30am

Lots of info here:

I didn't click on any links, but someone usually has more details about how they worked the color. Good luck!

CheriB 2014-04-04 1:36am

Also check this thread out: Katie Gee's suggestion looked really helpful. I made a couple of Jupiter beads tonight to test her method and will know tomorrow morning how it worked. They looked good going into the kiln.

NEVER MIND - I thought you meant the old Vetrofond Jupiter glass. :-\"

Kalorlo 2014-04-04 2:05am

Striking it fairly gently worked for me in my test beads. It may also depend how large your bead is? I didn't attempt to strike my spacers at all and they are all greyish, but the larger beads did. I did a pressed heart and a gremlin, so they were in and out of the flame but not reheated back to soupy.

Dreamsincolor 2014-04-04 4:54pm

For those who like coe 96 Gaffer has a glass that starts beige and turns a peach orange color when it strikes. It's a neat effect in frit. The number in G-172 Mushroom.


allicat 2014-04-07 3:29pm

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I played with Jupiter the other day. I got a lot of color out of it (see below) but maybe because I'm on a Hothead? What I found is getting it pretty hot seems to reset it to greyish, and a gentle reheating brings out the orange.

Or maybe it's because the HH runs a more reductionish flame LOL I dunno.

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(the handles and dots are CIM Sunset).


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