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kmd 2015-05-03 10:29pm

Reichenbach Iris Violet
I recently bought a bag of this in Frit size 1.
I have tried it, rolling, reducing, encasing, and just encasing, as frit and as frit stringer. I've tried it over Canyon de Chelly, EDP, copper green, light topaz, opal yellow, tuxedo, light periwinkle. Results so far, very bleeeuugh.

I thought I remembered that it was a fun colour, (iris in the name usually is) but not so far. Can anyone advise me ? Thank you, KMD

beadgal 2015-05-04 4:51am

Roll a bead of opal yellow in silver foil then in iris violet, take a very thin stringer of Rubino and trail it over the bead and encase it in clear. I seem to remember the combination was interesting.

Chocake 2015-05-04 5:51pm

Pictures please.

kmd 2015-05-05 1:41am

Just tried your recipe, thank you BeadGal, beads cooling now. A quick peek showed a sort of browny pinky mix. Is this what is supposed to happen? I had to burn off the silver to get the Iris Violet frit to stick.

Best results so far are over Very Pale and Medium Topaz. The frit gets a greeny outline.

What does the name Iris indicate? Something special, I thought.

beadgal 2015-05-05 1:44pm

The rubino should turn a kind of blue green. I made them a long time ago, but i remember the recipe. If I could figure out how to post in the gallery I would. I am inept when it comes to resizing pictures from Picasa

Eileen 2015-05-05 1:48pm

If you'd like me to resize it for you & email it back to you I would be glad to do that.

email it to:

eileen dot robbins at gmail dot com

if you want me to do it.

28676bhe 2015-05-05 4:45pm

Will any of this work with other Iris colors?

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